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Ring Fit Adventure Level 23

August Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

In August 2021 the Fitness Game Club did the 15 day Ring Fit Adventure Challenge. It was a good boost in my personal journey to Fit by 40 now Fit at 40. Weight-loss results for this challenge August 1st start weight: 77.1 kgAugust 30th end weight: 77.2 … Read more

30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

Are you a fitness gamer? Maybe you have Ring Fit Adventure, a VR fitness game, or do you have a bunch of dance games and need a little motivation? You are invited to join the Fitness Game Club! 😀 Join us on the 30 Day … Read more

Silky Terrier Hiking

Missing My Dog

So today has been a weird one, I slept well but woke up aching and just didn’t feel like going on my power walk. Instead I faffed about, did some laundry and ate breakfast. I guess we all get those days. Not my most motivated … Read more

Fit By 40 | The journey to getting fit by my 40th birthday

Fit By 40

Getting Fit Before I Turn Forty! How is it possible that I will be turning 40 later this year? 😂😭 I honestly can’t even. I decided it was a good time as any to really get myself sorted out. I’ve been told by 3 Drs … Read more

Ring Fit Adventure Level 12

June Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

Weight-loss results for this challenge June 1st start weight: 76.1 kg June 30th end weight: 76.7 kg Total weight loss after 30 days: gained 0.6kg Day 5 This morning I did a Ring Fit Adventure workout AND went on my bike. I reached level 12! I stormed the factory and … Read more