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Fitbit Flex

I’m recovering well from surgery and still not allowed to do Zumba or any very high impact exercise, so I’m building up my daily walking. I use a Wii U activity meter at the moment to check how many steps I’m doing and make sure I’m not sedentary for too long, but I really like the idea of using a Fitbit Flex and syncing it up with Runkeeper and My Fitness Pal accounts.

There are different Fitbit products but I like the idea of having a bracelet style and in hot pink, so I’m leaning toward the Fitbit Flex. When I get the go ahead from my surgeon to be able to partake in more exercise, it will track that too. I guess I’m just a sucker for graphs and stats.

Fitbit flex pink

Fitbit Flex available via Fitbit.com

Have you tried any Fitbit products out? Did they make a difference to your lifestyle?