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Fit at 40

Welcome to Fit at 40 my fitness journey to becoming the very best I can be mind, body and soul during my 40s.

You may remember a previous post I did last year called Fit by 40. This was an effort to try and lose weight by my fortieth birthday in November.

Leg Day Ring Fit Adventure
me after a sweaty session of Ring Fit Adventure

In retrospect my mind wasn’t 100% in it compared with where I am now mentally and putting so much pressure on myself didn’t fare well. I did lose some weight but when I reached my birthday I lost a lot of that motivation.

This journey doesn’t end at 41, I’m in this for the long haul, so I won’t be creating a new page every birthday. This page will be updated with my progress along the way, with fitness gaming challenge updates, workouts and a Saturday weekly weigh in which you can see below.

Weekly Weigh-In and Stats

Start Weight: 77.2kg 15/08/21
Current Weight: 72.2kg 13/08/22
Goal Weight: 64kg

Start BMI: 30.1 (Obese) 15/08/21
Current BMI: 28.2 (Overweight) 13/08/22

Pre-pandemic weight and mini goal
: 72kg (currently hovering on this!)
Second mini-goal: 69kg (nice)

My Goals

So I started again with intention on March 23rd 2022. My goal is to get under 70 kilos by October 2022, I know that seems a long time, but I’ve averaged losing 1 kilo a month so far. I don’t calorie count and I still enjoy treats in moderation, this is what works for me personally for various reasons. As I have dyscalculia, numbers can get confusing and despite having access to a free calorie counter on MyFitnessPal, I just can’t get my head around it.

My current mini-goal is to get to 72 kilos which is what my pre-pandemic weight was and the weight I was when the Dr told me to lose some weight and keep an eye on my cholesterol. My height is 5ft 3″ which is also taken into consideration with my weight loss and BMI.

Health Issues


Another reason for my preferred slow approach weight loss is that I have had 2 kidney surgeries, one in 2014 the other in 2019 to fix nephroptosis also known as floating kidney. It’s basically where the kidney is loose and falls from it’s usual position when the person is upright. When laying down the kidney ‘floats’ back to where it should be.

This can be caused by a trauma or fall, or you can be born with it and it’s something that’s waiting to happen eventually the connective tissues surrounding the kidney weaken and it drops.

Nephroptosis shown on a scan

It’s caused a lot of problems over the years including dizziness, unhealthy weight-loss as a result of diarrhea, intense pain, kidney colic, UTI’s, kidney infections and more fun stuff. Although I’ve had 2 successful nephropexy surgeries, one on each kidney, I still get pains with extreme heat change, muscle aches and am prone to UTI’s. This is also why I wear a velcro back support when working out. Losing weight too quickly would not be good and I prefer to build a strong core and back as I go.

My Ideal Healthy Weight

According to the NHS online BMI calculator, I am currently overweight and the healthy weight range for my height and age is 47.4kg – 64kg. I think the top end of that range will be right for me as I can remember being around 63 kilos at one time and feeling good in my clothes and in myself. I actually feel pretty good now after losing most of my pandemic weight. The calculator recommends that I lose 3.6kg to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes 2 and stroke.

How I’m Getting in Shape?

My gym is fitness video games, YouTube workouts like yoga, dancing and power walking indoors and outdoors. I created the Fitness Game Club on Twitter which follows the fitness gaming challenge. We cheer each other on and I believe the gameification of tweeting our workouts really flips the social media dopamine effect in our favour.

Thanks so much for reading! Are you currently working towards any fitness goals? Let me know in the comments.
Vikki 💖