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First Day of Summer | The Daily Geek 173

Summer summer time. Also happy First Day of Winter depending on which hemisphere you live in. 😅🌴 The days are getting warmer here aka sweating for the next 3 months and I’m already thinking about the first day of Fall.

Palm Tree and Turquoise Sky

On This Day 2021

Yesterday we had salad boxes from the local kebab place and watched the first 2 episodes of Gloaming (Disney+), which is very creepy.

I managed 50 mins workout on the bike this morning so I’ll be resting now until Wednesday as I get my vaccine tomorrow and I planned to rest my body for a couple of days and eat well. I also did my 1 week measurements and before and after photos which I will be sharing soon. There is actually a slight difference and I’ve lost some inches! Woohoo! So much better than only relying on the scales.

Today I’m typing my review notes up of a new video game I’ve been playing this week, I was so happy to get an advance code for it and the review will be live as soon as the embargo is lifted. 😄 Embargo has lifted, here’s my review of Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX!

On This Day 2020

  • Rants
    • You can sit with your parents on the plane to Spain from UK for 2 to 4.5 hours then go for haircuts, meal at a restaurant, coffee and shopping when you arrive, BUT you can’t go for a cup of tea to your parents house.
    • It’s crazy how so many things are named after Christopher Colombus where we live, statues, streets, cafes, restaurants, museum. When we visited La Gomera last year Colombus day was celebrated but more the connection between the Canary Islands and the Americas rather than celebrating CC himself.
    • It’s so messed up. I’ve been reading about Canary Islands history and how colonizers fought and took the guanche natives as slaves and changed their names to sound more Spanish or Christian.
  • Gaming
    • I picked Spyro Reignited Trilogy up in the digital days sale. I already have it on PS4 but it’s just SO nice handheld.

On this Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • There’s a National Day for everything, it’s great for creating a content calendar. I use Days of The Year website to see what weird days are coming up next. 😅
  • Look behind you. A three-headed monkey!!!
  • Maybe I will island hop over to La Palma at some point this year.
  • Why are old TVs so creepy? Haha
  • The soundtrack on The Darkside Detective is such a mood.

On this Day 2017

  • Gloopy nail polish in the heat? Put it in the fridge. Follow me for more tips for surviving hot weather haha.
  • Is it Pumpkin Spice Latte season for Australia right now? I wonder how the seasonal drinks work down under?

On this Day 2016

  • Gaming
    • Playing Star Wars Battlefront 2015. Bespin is madness haha.

The Conjuring 2 trailer really scared me, it looks terrifying!

On this Day 2015

  • Watching
    • Hahah it’s Watson’s wedding day and him and Sherlock are absolutely destroyed. 😂 Sherlock
    • Sara is up to something! I’m sure she is Charles, but I still think Ella is A. Clearly the Sara/Charles story is a decoy from the big reveal in Pretty Little Liars.

On this Day 2014

I’ve lived in Spain that long now my friends over in England call me ‘The Foreigner’ haha.

On this Day 2013

  • I have a slight nutella addiction!
  • Did my DIY pink dip dye, it’s higher up than last time and it’s a bit uneven but the colour is pretty.

On this Day 2012

IDEA: Batiste Hair could make coloured dry shampoo sprays? To make a temporary dip dye in pony colours, name idea: my little dip dye as a play on My Little Pony.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ✨🎮