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Finally Cleaned My Desk

I finally got round to cleaning my desk today. It looks SO much better. I’ve been putting it off for ages, but now it’s looking great and ready to mess up again. 😆

I fully disinfected it with Sanytol Multi-Purpose spray which smells like eucalyptus and cleaned all my screens with 3 Brujas window cleaner. I meant to do it last week but didn’t have the motivation until today. As I’m adding this photo in of my clean desk, I realize how many notebooks are there. I promise they are all in use. 😂

My desk has also had a makeover, I haven’t shown it on the blog since I painted it turquoise! What do you think? I’ll have a DIY post up soon about how I did it and what it looked like before.

White and Turquoise Desk | Home Office
How many notebooks can you count? 😅

This morning I finished reading Outbreaks and Epidemics, it was so eye opening but I also feel relieved to have finished this book. It might be time to move onto something a bit lighter.

Chinese Takeaway and a crappy film

I was SO hungry after all the cleaning that when our Chinese takeaway arrived, I absolutely woofed it down. You know that feeling when you are really hungry and you savour your meal? 😋 They gave us more broccoli than usual in our veg curry which was much appreciated too along with extra seaweed. After that was a crappy Saturday movie that was half way through on the TV before we ventured out for a hike.

First walk without masks since last year

It’s almost impossible to go out walking now without coming home drenched in sweat even after sunset. Spain’s mask rules changed today so now we can leave the house without wearing our mask and go outside without wearing it, as long as we can keep a safe distance from people you don’t live with. I think you’ll agree that it is very difficult to do unless you live in the middle of nowhere.

We kept our masks on until we go to the top of our climb with nobody in sight, then the fresh air hit our face. Wow, that was a strange but nice feeling. Almost like we were going to get into trouble or something. In fact being outside without my mask on feels like I’d forgotten to put pants on haha. Suffice to say I’ll be keeping it on when walking round the village or busy areas, especially since the Delta variant is transmissible in mere seconds, this isn’t the time to let our guard down.

What did you do today? Let me know in the comments.

On This Day 2020

It’s so weird how stuff happens. The amount of déjà vu I’ve had recently is bizarre. I start to remember and then it goes within seconds. For me it’s like that feeling when you wake up and start to forget your dream and then it’s gone.

Dystopian Life

Spending the afternoon blogging. I’m working on these lockdown blog posts I should have pressed publish on a long time ago, but I felt weird sharing. It felt uncomfortable moaning about lockdown when it was for our own good. I’ve since decided to publish, to look back on it, but it’s taking a while grabbing notes to add from here and there.

Definitely one for the history books. I guess that’s why I decided to share my point of view in the end. It still all feels very dystopian to me. I look forward to someone making a film out of this era of our lives.

  • Gaming
    • Photo mode in Spider-Man is addictive hahah.
    • I hope Lamplight City is released for the Switch some day.

On This Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Eager to start the Hubspot Academy Social Media course!
    • Household chores and a messy workspace are WFH distractions that I’m working on.

On This Day 2017

Salad by the pool. (future me has no idea what this is all about haha)

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