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Filfofax Decoration – Monochrome Washi Tape

On a recent trip to the UK, I discovered a really cool shop called The Range. My Mum shops there all the time for craft things and I told her of my quest for some cute washi tape. There wasn’t much choice and some of it was expensive for designs I didn’t care for. I did find this really cute spotted, and tyre track pattern monochrome washi tape though AND it was in the sale! 🙂

pink personal filofax

I also picked up a set of Sharpie look a like pens from Home & Bargain, they look nice but they are certainly NOT fine tip and are more like splodgy felt tip pens. I’ll do a comparison with my fine point Sharpie pens in another post.

washi tape and pens
filofax washi tape

I’m still new to the whole filofax decoration thing, but I will be looking out for places to buy washi tape online as I can’t seem to find any in my local shops. Next I need to buy some stickers and a single hole punch.

Do you have a filofax? Any tips on decoration or where to find some fun printables, inserts or stickers?