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Feeling Human Again

Wow! I feel like I had 2 weeks worth of flu in 4 days and I’m finally feeling human again! If you haven’t seen the previous posts, I joined Team Pfizer on Tuesday and have had a lovely bouquet of side effects. Today I have a fuzzy but bearable headache so I managed to do a very sloth-like 10 mins on my bike. Back at square one with my fitness level but it’s all worth it.

Cafe Cortado Largo con Canela
Cortado largo con canela
  • Coffee Date
    • We drove to one of our fave coffee spots (al fresco of course), where E and I shared a chocolate chip cookie, sipped on Colombian coffee and watched the world go by. More things are re-opening here now, hotels, bars and that still all feels very weird. We also went to drop off our growing collection of recycling, always feel better when that’s all done.
  • Gaming
    • After lunch E had an online class and I just felt like chilling, so it was the perfect time to get stuck back into Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX. I was struggling with a boss battle, I just couldn’t get past Gooseka at Radaxian Castle and yesterday I did it! I also won 2 Playstation Trophies.
  • Fitness
    • Once it cooled down we went on a power walk. After days of feeling bleurgh, it felt great to get outside and have a proper walk. We met a Maltese puppy called Oreo along the way who was adorably desperate for his walk, to explore and get out, he was pulling the owner in every direction lol.

Today was a good day. 😃

How has your week been?

I hope you are enjoying these daily updates? I started them a month ago and I feel like I’ve finally found my blogging flow again.

On This Day 2020

If you’re hot and unhappy clap your hands. 👏🏼

On This Day 2019

Why did I think googling ‘Portuguese man o’ war’ was a good idea? 😂

  • Gaming
    • Woohoo! I won Numbskull Games’ competition and got a copy of FUN! FUN! Animal Park for the Nintendo Switch.

On This Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Not entirely convinced my IG photos are showing in people’s feeds…
    • I’d forgotten to put hashtags in the description. I’m too quick to complain. 😂
  • Gaming
    • What’s a game that you have easily spent 100+ hours on? I’m going to say Animal Crossing New Leaf, easy!
    • Fortnite on Switch is great, you can win without building.

Rambo has a baldy patch on his back so I’m going to look into getting him some sunscreen. The summer is just getting started here, but I prefer Autumn. 🎃

On This Day 2017

Primark had some Nintendo 64 t-shirts in the men’s section. I regret not picking one up.

I just leave hair to air dry in the Summer. It’s got a mind of it’s own.

On This Day 2016

  • Watching
    • What if Mary Drake is Spencer’s real Mum and Spencer has an identical twin? The ‘dream’ Hannah had in the barn could have been Spencer’s twin. Pretty Little Liars.

On This Day 2015

  • The Diary of a Blogger
    • I admire iJustine’s way of blending sponsored products into her content. She is my absolute favourite YouTuber and has just written her first book.
    • #MobileGeddon – I STILL haven’t mobile-friendly’d my blog! Yikes!! It’s one of those jobs I keep putting off. My traffic didn’t take too much of a hit surprisingly.
    • Totally going to revise my blog sidebar.

One of my favourite made up swear words is ‘Frakin Frooks’. I like to yell it when playing video games.

On This Day 2015

Fun fact: Custard creams are José Mourinho’s favourite biscuits!

On This Day 2013

  • The Diary of a Blogger
    • I moved from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress after blogger decided to delete my whole blog – all 700+ posts of it!