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Feeling Good, Strong Coffee + Day 9 of Ring Fit Adventure Challenge

The mental and physical funk of yesterday gradually disappeared as the day went on. Despite having a headache I was feeling good, had a good sleep in as it was my day off and took the morning slowly. My muscle aches soon faded.

E went to pick up the dogs but instead of bringing them here for the day he took them to abuela’s for a ride in the car. We just wanted to take the day easy so we went to a coffee shop and sat outside on the terrace people watching while enjoying the really strong coffee.

I nipped into Ale-Hop to buy a new agenda but they were limited on stock for now, so I’ll go back next week. I really like starting a new agenda or journal in September rather than January, anyone else?

Geek Fit

I very nearly didn’t work out again but E suggested we go on an evening walk seeing as we haven’t done that in a while. We also got rid of some recycling on our way which always feels good.

The temperature has dropped a little too so it was much more pleasant than the 40ºC days we were having in the last 2 weeks. Once we got back from the walk I was in the mood for some Ring Fit before supper.

Ring Fit Adventure Glutes Set
I’m going to feel this tomorrow aren’t I? 😅🍑
  • Fit By 40: Day 9/14 Ring Fit Adventure Challenge
    • I felt like changing it up from Adventure Mode so I headed over to Quick Play.
    • I then selected Sets and Glutes. I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly chosen to work on my glutes so I thought it might be fun.
    • The Hip Lift turned out to be my favourite move of this set while the Mountain Climbers which I don’t think I’ve ever done, made me feel like throwing up.
    • Working out after eating, even HOURS after eating is a big no no for me when it comes to Planks or anything abs related. I may have to start doing Ring Fit earlier in the day before breakfast.
    • Could it be that my digestion is sluggish? Who knows, but it was weird that the other day I waited a whole SIX hours before trying planks and still felt sick.
    • Today was a fun workout and I will definitely be trying out Sets again when I feel like getting some targeted workouts in.

How are you? I hope your day was good?