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Welcome to my humble brag page aka some of the places you may have seen Cuteek featured online. Modelling for geek fashion brands, having my say on social media and any other places I’ve popped up in guest posts, articles or podcasts. It’s all here.

iJustine Blog – Justine Ezarik’s Website

That time @ijustine and I discussed REAL FASHION 😅 I’d seen some cool ugly leggings and shirts on TruffleShuffle that I knew she would love for travelling. After chatting on Twitter, Justine featured me on her blog.

iJustine Blog Best Ugly Shirts Leggings
Featured on iJustine’s blog May 2014

Prophecy Girl – Geeky Womenswear Shop

I did a collaboration with Prophecy Girl on these awesome geeky shirts. I’m also featured on the website modelling their geeky racerback vests.

Prophecy Girl Cuteek I Rebel
I Rebel
Prophecy Girl Cuteek Chosen One
Chosen One
Prophecy Girl Cuteek Bored Now
Bored Now