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Family Tech Support

Family Tech Support

My Dad phoned me (the family tech support) to say he’s installed MacKeeper and he’s tried clicking and dragging it down into trash but it keeps loading back up again. 😅

Jim Carrey Liar Liar Frustrated GIF

me: Dad, what are you using [name of random virus looking app here] for?
dad: I don’t know I just clicked on it and it came up on the screen, it gets rid of all the crap on my computer and it helps the memory, I think.
me: ………

My Mum is overly cautious with tech but my Dad clicks on EVERYTHING!

On This Day 2020

  • Pandemic Thoughts
    • I have a feeling that travel will be stopped again before the summer is out. We still have to wear masks when tourists come next week, I just hope they respect Spain’s rules. So far I’ve only been to supermarkets, the vets, and the hardware store. Cafes/bars/restaurants have been open a while here but I’m not comfortable with that right now.
    • I get so annoyed when we’ve been so careful and some people here don’t give a flying flute.

On This Day 2019

  • Gaming
    • The thought of playing Breath of The Wild again makes me feel overwhelmed. I’m nowhere near finished.
    • I keep seeing all these beautiful screenshots and remember how relaxing it can be (until the Guardian music starts lol) I might get back into it. Although I have quite a few indie games and Yoshi to finish haha.
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Instagram is down again. I’d rather work on my website than post on IG but here we are….

On This Day 2018

Why is glitter nail polish so difficult to remove? Discovering every tiny cut on each finger when I use one of those nail polish remover pots. I would try soaking my nails in cotton wool and wrapping in tin foil but I’m having probs as it is with rough cuticles and little cuts, they sting so bad.

The reality is I’m putting a fresh coat of glitter polish back on once it’s removed. It’s not staying on when I try to repair chipped nails but it’s clinging on for dear life when I want to take it off. I’m destined for glitter nails the whole Summer by the looks of it.

I never had acrylics but had Shellac done once and it stayed on for months. Just messed up my nails when I had it taken off.

On This Day 2016

  • Gaming
    • Currently playing Star Wars Battlefront 2015, Life is Strange and Gone Home.

On This Day 2013

Loving the Roald Dahl tees on Truffle Shuffle. They are amazing! Love the Charlie and Chocolate Factory one! I used to have all of his books as a kid. My Mum re-bought some of them for me for Christmas. Quentin’s illustrations add to the magic.

I biked as E ran yesterday, I’m not a very good runner but love to cycle. I’m slow but I just enjoy it haha. It was the first outdoor cycle in a long time. Last time was on my BMX I think. We did intervals because I’m usually a stationary biker and outdoors is totally different. I started this year as I was getting bored doing XBOX Zumba everyday, to change it up a bit.