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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year Event

The citizens of Quahog want to wish us a Happy New Year in the new Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year event. I’m glad of this as I didn’t finish the Christmas Event! We are being treated to a new character for this event Jillian, Brian’s girlfriend.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year Event

Don’t worry, if like myself you didn’t get to use your Christmas Cookies up in the Christmas event, you can use them in the New Year’s Mystery Box with Rupert. I don’t have enough cookies to do this sadly but I’m sure some of you will have 10,000+ cookies accumulated. Trade them in for clams, coins and exclusive decorations including stuff for the Rite of Passage Tower.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff New Year Event

You’re probably going to wish you hadn’t spent all your coins on buying those last pieces of land as this event brings new buildings and decorations. New quests include Auld Lang Syne.

How to Unlock Jillian

Buy the Easter Egg Booth for $1,000 and Jillian will appear. To unlock her you need to collect the following items:
+ 3 x Send Bruce Kitten Picken’ – (20 hours each time)
+ 15 x White Eggs (uncommmon)
+ 20 x Champagne Glasses (rare)
+ 3 x Bunny Ears (extra rare)
+ Get Jillian’s Apartment from Rite of Passage Tower

Buy the Rite of Passage Tower and then collect the following items to unlock Jillian’s Apartment:

+ 10 x Party Hat (common)
+ 10 x 2015 Glasses (common)
+ 10 x Champagne Glasses (rare)
+ 10 x Noise Maker (rare)

New Year Event Decorations:

Brilliant Fireworks – $1,500
Balloon Clusters – $1,000
Twinkling Fireworks – $750
Blazing Fireworks – $2,500
Big Bang Fireworks – $5,000
FunTime Arches – $2,500
Da Boom Console – 100 clams
Gentle Reminder Sign – $10,000

New Year Event Buildings:

Average Puff o’Stuff – 75 clams
Little Puff o’Stuff – $1,000
Big Puff o’Stuff – 100 clams
Party Tent – $7,500
Quahog Clock Tower – $5,000

I will add more to this mini Family Guy The Quest For Stuff guide as I discover it. Have you started on the new event?