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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Miracle on Spooner St Event

Christmas is coming to Quahog, which means a new event – Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Miracle on Spooner St! I’m very excited about this Christmas event which started 4th December and ends on 25th December.

The American Dad event finished at 3pm PST (11pm GMT) so I’m hoping we will have the Christmas event starting as that ends. It’s here, it’s here!

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Miracle on Spooner St

I’m just finishing off Roger’s last quest from the American Dad event. Sadly I didn’t manage to get Klaus in time but I’m not too bothered as he was only a decoration and not a playable character. (Somehow I managed to unlock Klaus today)

So Peter has ruined Christmas, (no surprise there) he and Lois must help Santa deliver presents to the citizens of Quahog. Level up by getting Holiday Cheer from items such as decorations and buildings. Christmas Cookies aka Gingerbread Men are the currency of this event.


Miracle on Spooner Street, The Cheer Squad, Naughty and Nice, Something for Everyone

How to unlock Sexy Santa Lois:

Family Guy Sexy Santa Lois
500 x Christmas Cookies (collect from actions, snowmen and Gingerbread Houses)
15 x Christmas Star (uncommon)
7 x Santa Dress (rare)
5 x Mistletoe (rare)
Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Miracle on Spooner Street
You will need Sexy Santa Lois to get rid of the Mall Santas walking through your Quahog. The Mall Santas drop dolls.

How to unlock Jasper:

Coming soon

How to unlock Santa:

Complete the quest ‘Something for Everyone’ by fulfilling Santa’s Wishlist:
Chris – Drafting Table
Brian – Inspiration Corner
Meg – Boyfriend 300
Bonnie – Poker Table
Jerome – RollyHamster
Stewie – Royal Tea Set
Seamus – Yule Log
Jesus – Big Ol’ Birthday Cake
Quagmire – Trunk Full of Asians
Santa – Reindeer

These items will need to be crafted in Santa’s Workshop.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Miracle on Spooner Street Christmas Event

How to make gifts for friends:

Use Bonnie’s gift wrapping action to create more social gifts to send to friends. To send them, tap on the red visit friends icon on the bottom of the main screen.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: Miracle on Spooner St

Christmas Decorations:

+ Candy Cane Posts – 25 Christmas Cookies
+ Dicken’s Lamp – 50 Christmas Cookies
+ Dickenstein’s Lamp – 50 Christmas Cookies
+ Smooching Archway – 75 Christmas Cookies
+ Snowman – 25 Christmas Cookies
+ Pile of Presents – 25 Christmas Cookies
+ Medium Christmas Tree – 75 Christmas Cookies
+ Festive Arches in Blue – 75 Christmas Cookies

Christmas Buildings:

+ Quahog Mall – 50 Christmas Cookies / 4 hours to build
+ Gingerbread Shack – 100 Clams / drops Christmas Cookies
+ Gingerbread Trailer – 250 Clams / drops Christmas Cookies
+ Gingerbread House – 600 Clams / drops Christmas Cookies
+ Christmas Griffin House – 100 Clams
+ Goody Gumdrops – 200 clams
+ Lucky’s Orphanage – 200 Clams

Tips for Miracle on Spooner Street:

+ Clear some space ahead of time in the area where most of the events are held. That way you have room to place Christmas decorations and buildings easily.
+ Send your characters on short jobs, you don’t want them occupied when the new event is unlocked.
+ Build the Quahog Mall asap, Santa needs it for one of his quests.
+ Tap snowmen for Christmas Cookies and Candy Canes
+ Send Secret Santa gifts to your friends by tapping on the red visit friends icon, there is now a number stating how many gifts you can give.
+ As you gain more Holiday Cheer and upgrade your Christmas tree more Snowmen and Mall Santas will appear

I will add more hints and tips and hints as the event unfolds. If there is something you would like to know about the game, that I haven’t mentioned then please let me know in the comments.

Are you playing Family Guy The Quest For Stuff?