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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff: Halloween Event

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff gamers – the Halloween event is here! TinyCo have released an update for the game and here is the new title screen! Excited much?

Note: Possible spoilers after the image!

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

New Family Guy The Quest For Stuff characters/skins:

Ghostbuster Peter costume
Ghostbuster Cleveland costume
Ghostbuster Quagmire costume
(presuming Ghostbuster Joe) costume
Stewie Vampire Duck costume
Meg Cat costume
Connie Sexy Witch costume
Pink Brian costume
Diane Simmons (250 spirit vials are required to unlock a 5 day event, but you need to unlock Ghostbuster Peter first, who requires a ton of items and 500 spirit vials)

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

At the same time as the Halloween event, I’m still trying to unlock Tom Tucker and Mayor Adam West.

There are also rumours that we will see Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger!

How to Unlock Ghostbuster Quagmire?

All in good time. To unlock Ghostbuster Quagmire and the rest of Peter’s pals, you need to unlock more portal phases. Portal upgrades happen when you reach different Fright Levels, so keep on tapping those ghosts, Terror Dogs and collecting spirit vials.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Halloween Event

Who is your favourite Family Guy character?