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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

Hell there, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a game guide. But, here we are with a quick overview of the latest mini event from TinyCo, Family Guy The Quest for Stuff EVIL WEEK!

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Evil Week

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

Of course Satan is making an appearance and you can grab him for 175 clams. He drops Yellow Contact Lenses and Love Notes to Meg.

Just imagine Quahog has been flipped upside down and things are even weirder than usual (if that’s possible)

We have a new currency for the week in the form of Anti-coins. These can help unlock characters or buy decorations and buildings.

One of my fave characters Retep (Peter’s evil twin) is available with his house in Part 1 of Fear No Evil for just 250$. To unlock Retep, we obviously have to do a bit of work:

How to Unlock Retep:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Evil Week

3 x Love Notes to Meg (rare)
8 x Razor Blades (uncommon)
12 x Shirley Temple (common)
5 x Anti-coins (rare)

As you can see Retep looks just like Peter except the colour of his clothes are reversed. He was born in the episode Meg Stinks when Peter and Meg are driving. Retep regenerates from Peter’s hand that gets cut off driving under the low bridge.

How to Unlock Evil Stewie

Once you purchase Tiny Tots Sweat Shop for 300$, you can begin to unlock Evil Stewie.


As with all Family Guy events, there are plenty of buildings to add to your Quahog. If you fancy spending some anti-coins you can get The Church of Satan, The Shaved Nunnery and the Evil Swanson House. Got clams? The Bank of the Dark Lord costs 150 clams and the Alternative Healing Hospital is 225 clams.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Evil Week

If money is more your thing and let’s face it in this game we all have plenty of it by this point, indulge in the Channel Negative 5 News Building, Quahog Ugly People’s Club, McVeggietown and The Sober Oyster.


Spend $666 and you can be the owner of Satan’s BBQ Roast or a Satanic Altar your choice. Favourites like the Hinden are back this time it’s HindenRetep which will knock you back 200 clams. You will want to purchase the Welcome to Evil Quahog Sign to start off the Fear No Evil quest.

More coming for this event as it unfolds!

Are you join in with Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Evil Week?