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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: American Dad Event

Quahog has some new visitors, update your game for the new Family Guy the Quest For Stuff American Dad event. Until the 4th December, the Smiths are in town. So standby to see Stan Smith, Roger the Alien and other familiar faces appearing in Quahog and interacting with the Griffins.

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff American Dad event

So far, it looks like it will be a weekly thing, but the 2 days I’ve played since the update, I’ve been given the chance to win free clams by watching a short trailer for American Dad. Carl from Quahog Mini Mart looks very enthused about giving away clams for free.

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff American Dad event

New quests are rolling out such as ‘A Shellabration’, ‘Clam Day Catastrophe’, ‘The Magic Drunken Clam: Challenge’, ‘Pretty Mad in Pink’

As far as new decorations and buildings, we have:

+ Undercover American Flag 10 clams (When no one’s looking he changes into a Canadian Flag)
+ Crop circle $400 (In Alien it means, “For a good time call Roger.” √
+ Area 51 $2,000 √
+ Clam Festival Stage √
+ Historical Clam Exhibition Hall √
+ Stan in the Colonial Barn $1,500 (takes 4 hours to build) √
+ Smith House 100 clams
+ Campsite $1,500 √
+ Clam Festival Sign $750 √
+ Lunar landing 50 clams
+ Moon Bounce 100 clams (always drops action figure)
+ Groff Community College 75 clams (always drops Peach Sign Necklace)
+ Muffins by Mrs Smith 75 clams
+ Pinky the Missing Linky
+ Hazmat Tent $500 √
+ Fun ‘n Gun Shooting Range $5,000 √
+ C.I.A Headquarters $2,000 √
+ Bobby the Bullet 50 clams
+ Rose Bush $1,000 √
+ White Picket Fence $250 √
+ Security Threat Meter 25 clams

How to unlock Stan Smith: √

Purchase the Colonial Barn, the begin to collect items:
20 x Black Sunglasses (common – Bonnie, Mort, Quagmire)
10 x Photo Evidence (uncommon – Jerome, Colonial Barn)
8 x Classified Documents (rare – Bruce, Chris, Smith House)
5 x Crash Debris (rare – Lois, Peter, Mort, Jake Tucker)

or pay 420 clams to unlock him right away.

How to unlock Roger the Alien:

After unlocking Stan Smith, Roger will appear in your town. Hide Roger using Stan, he will reappear after 4 hours and to complete The Magic Drunken Clam Challenge, you will need to hide Roger 10 times in 4 days. This was extended so I was able to collect the Golden Turd. Brian is not impressed!

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff American Dad Event

You will need to collect all members of the Smith family to unlock Roger and complete Quest: The Alien inside me

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff American Dad Event

How to unlock Klaus

To unlock Klaus, you must complete Roger’s quest within a certain amount of time. I didn’t manage to get Klaus, but I’m not too bothered as he is a decoration and not a playable character.

How to unlock Hayley Smith:

Buy Jeff’s Van for $1,500 then begin to collect:
60 x Protest Signs (common)
– Get by clearing CIA agent,
– make Stan cover his tracks,
– Jeff’s van
– A’Buncha Tools

15 x Tofurkey (rare)
– Make Peter cook disgusting vegetables
– Make Mort swallow jewels
– Make Patrick Stewart be a Thespian (Hurray he’s useful)
– Get from Clam Festival Stage
– Get from Perlman’s Pets

10 x Peace Sign Necklace (uncommon)
– Make Peter Kick stuff! Road house!
– Make Bruce frolic with Jeffrey
– Make Brian find inspiration
– Get from Groff community college

8 x Megaphone (rare)
– Make Bonnie give a tour of Clam Festival
– Make Steve take a tour of Clam Festival
– Get from Paper and Stuff

Or you can purchase her for 670 clams.

How to unlock Steve Smith: √

Buy the Black Escashady for $750 then collect:
15 x Rump Roast (common)
– Make Peter stub his knee
– Make Quagmire poke around
– Get by clearing Roger

15 x Paintball Gun (common)
– Make Herbert buy candy for kids
– Make Stan do target practice
– Make Bruce be a good listener
– Get from Sit Lanceawart’s board games

10 x R&B Records (rare)
– Make Jerome enter clam-shucking contest
– Make Chris enter clam-shucking contest
– Make Cleveland call things nasty
– Get from Dead Format records

10 x Action Figure (uncommon)
– Make Bonnie give a tour of clam festival
– Get from Historical Clam Exhibition Hall
– Get from Moon Bounce

or you can buy him outright for 400 clams.

How to unlock Francine Smith

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff American Dad Event

Buy the Smith Mobile then begin to collect the following to unlock Francine Smith or you can buy her with 541 clams

20 x Pink Dresses (uncommon) – Jerome, Bruce and Historical Clam Exhibition Hall
15 x Romance Novels (uncommon) – Steve, Stan, Bonnie and Old Timey Bookstore
10 x Muffins (rare) – Lois, Bonnie, Muffins by Mrs Smith
3 x For Sale Signs (extra rare) – CIA Agents, Mort, Hayley, George Takei and Hi-Yah’s Dojo

I will add more hints and tips when as I play and discover them. Are you a fan of American Dad?