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Fall Guys Review

What is Fall Guys all about?

So I’ve tried a few times to explain this to friends and family and the best way to describe Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is, a cross between Squid Game, Takeshi’s castle and 90s Gladiators. You play as a simple bean character, unlocking outfits and rewards as you progress.

Fall Guys Season 4 Loading Screen
Fall Guys Season 4 Loading Screen

The Aim Of The Game?

The aim of the game is to win and collect crowns and there are up to 60 players in a battle royal style show. Levels are called shows, there are race and there are more Squid Game style elimination levels.

You can play solo, duos, squads or in a custom party with online friends cross platform. Playing customs is good if you are just starting out and are learning how to play Fall Guys. If you have a good and patient squad, they can carry you as you get used to the game.

Fall Guys Season 4 Lobby
Fall Guys Season 4 Lobby

Free To Play

Fall Guys is now free to play, with the options to purchase season pass and in game currency to exchange for things like exclusive outfits and to tier up. If you already had Fall Guys before the free to play launched, they rewarded old school players with the Ezio outfit, season pass exchanged the crown currency to the new Show Bucks.

Events and Challenges

As with many free to play games such as Fortnite, there are new events and challenges added all the time to keep the game fresh and to entice new players. The Falloween Halloween event in 2021 was a lot of fun and brought me back after a little break.

Trophy hunters note: if you are playing on XBOX or PlayStation you will enjoy collecting all kinds of fun achievements and trophies for silly things like falling the most and switching up outfits.

There is a learning curve and it can get frustrating at times but the super bright colours and the competitiveness of the Fall Guys community makes it a really fun place to game. This won’t be the game for everyone, but I recommend every one try it at least once.

I purchased the game in March 2021 on PlayStation 4 and streamed myself playing Fall Guys for the first time. Back then I decided it was the perfect game to stream with it being big on community and turn based. It gave me the confidence to stream with commentary for the very first time, knowing that the game is so chaotic that I wouldn’t have a lot of dead air.

Have you played Fall Guys? Are you thinking of picking it up now you’ve read this review?

Fall Guys is free to play on all platforms, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PlayStation: just search for it on your console shop.