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Enjoy The Little Things

Hi geeks, did you miss me? I’ve had a little bit of a blogging break this month, mainly because the sun is frying my brain and also as I’ve had my Mum and nephew to stay. I’ve been taking loads of long walks, playing water volley at the local beach and eating some amazing seafood.

Bloggers Block

With bloggers block there are SO many suggestions and tips to try and beat the overwhelm.

I personally enjoy a clean desk, long walks and good tunes. Looking through my latest instagram pics often gives me a bit of inspiration too.

enjoy the little things

But, I thought I’d just give a little blog update to let you know I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth – I’ve just been enjoying the little things, spending time with my Fiancé and family without worrying about blogging about it.

I manage other blogs and create content for work so although I’m not blogging about the latest cute and geeky stuff here, I do have other tasks to do elsewhere.

SPF and Travel

It’s VERY hot here in the Canary Islands at the moment (very thankful for this Dyson fan), so I’ve been buying (and applying) plenty of SPF which I will post about soon. There’s one product I’m really looking forward to trying out, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Compact Cream SPF50. It has a tint on it and from the before and after pics I’ve seen on some blogs, has great coverage, which I’m hoping will help the melasma on my face.

I will be doing some travelling soon, so stay tuned as I turn travel blogger for a few posts. We have a little holiday planned, I’m legit excited. 🙂

Back to School

Oops, almost forgot, I am going back to school!

Yep, next month I am due to start taking Spanish classes. Up until now, I’ve been pretty much self taught (apart from high school Spanish, which was sooo long ago) so I have all these gaps, where I’m totally fluent to a point and then something just throws me.

I’ll keep you posted about how this goes and who knows, maybe I’ll start blogging in Spanish too? At the moment I’m excited about buying stationery, it’s a great excuse for new pens, notepads and general loitering around stationery shops. That smell… mmm.

What have you been up to this Summer so far?