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Geek Life Lately 19

A Trip to England.

Welcome to another Geek Life Lately!

This is the one where I went to England in Autumn, had family holidays at a hotel with a waterpark, and I celebrated my birthday with a spa day and chocolate brownies.

As you might notice, things are looking a little different around here. Cuteek now has a new look and I’m so pleased. It’s inspiring me to create more blog posts. Yay! Grab a hot drink and let’s get into what I’ve been up to.

Starbucks PSL and Scooby Doo Gingerbread Cookie
My first Starbucks PSL and Scooby Doo Gingerbread Cookie

In October I flew to England to look after my Mum as she needed help recovering from surgery. I spent 2 weeks at my parent’s home and then flew back home to the Canaries to stay in a hotel with my FiancĂ©, brother, sister and families.

While I was visiting England, I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and couldn’t resist eating copious amounts of sweet treats including spooky Scooby Doo cookies from Greenhalghs bakery.

Family Holidays

I flew back home and the day after we checked into the Lago Taurito Hotel to enjoy some family time and some yummy all inclusive food. The kids loved it because it’s right by the beach and there is a water park bang smack in the middle of the valley with free entrance for Paradise hotel guests. The pic below is the view from our balcony and of course had to get the geeky fashion in there with my Bored Now vest top from Prophecy Girl.

Family Holiday in Taurito
I had a lot of fun on the lazy river hahah

October and the start of November were pretty hectic and although we had some nice quality time with family here and there I was feeling drained physically and mentally. Halloween was great because we all watched a show together at the hotel, my sister also won loads of prizes playing bingo.


So then we head into November which started great as it was my birthday and my sister treated me to a cleansing facial at a nearby spa. It was INCREDIBLE and really got rid of a lot of tension. After that lovely facial we headed down to the beach for some birthday brownies at Lola Ville Diner and then had a few games of pool.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

I headed home after that and had an early night catching up on Stranger Things 2 with a huge bowl of popcorn. Because my sister won so many prizes playing bingo, she didn’t have time to use them all before she flew home so she gave my FiancĂ© and I the spa tickets.

Spa Day

Krabi Spa Taurito Gran Canaria

We spent several hours at Krabi Spa and it was the most relaxing thing ever! We sweated it all out in the sauna, enjoyed jacuzzis, crazy ice cold bucket showers and warm jet waterfalls in the spa pool. It was just what we needed.

TV and Movies

While I was in England, I got my Mum and Dad ‘hooked’ (get it?) on Once Upon a Time. We had this evening ritual of making hot chocolate and scoffing the aforementioned gingerbread as we watched a couple of episodes.

I’m sure you will agree Stranger Things 2 was just epic! I can’t wait to see a third season and see what they come up with next. I’d love to see a Back to the Future style episode where they meet their future selves.

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