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Emerald Green Leuchtturm1917

Leuchtturm1917 Review

It’s here, it’s here! My emerald green Leuchtturm1917 has finally arrived from Amazon and I was so excited to get started. At the same time I was slightly terrified of making the first pen mark. ?

Green Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal Review

This is my first official bullet journal! You can read my post about How to Set up a Bullet Journal. I was previously using a lined notebook from Primark but it worked well for a bujo beginner like me and you can totally use any book to get started.

Green Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal

This Leuchtturm in size A5 has dotted pages, which means no more obvious lines through my pages anymore. It’s going to be a little easier making trackers which I previously had to make on separate squared paper and stick into my journal with washi tape.

On first impressions, I am absolutely in love heart eyes with the colour. Green is one of my favourite colours and this is such a pleasing tone of green. The book also has a nice weight to it like you can put it in your bag and not be too weighed down, although my bullet journals don’t really leave the house unless I’m travelling. The Leuchtturm 1917 opens flat which is very important for me as I like to leave my journal open on my desk.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Index

The pages are numbered right up to 249, which means no more writing them out by hand. Hurray! This will make it much easier to reference certain pages and add them to the index, which is also already set out. There are 2 green page ribbons for easy page reference too.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Envelope

You can stash your favourite stickers and page flags in the handy (and sturdy) envelope at the very back of the Leuchtturm. In my old journal I would stick in envelopes with washi tape, so this is a lot more convenient. There are also official stickers to add to the front cover and the spine of your journal for when you want to archive it. I may use one of those on the journal I’ve just finished using, it’s so satisfying to actually get to the end and use all of the pages.

Leuchtturm Pen Test

What I’m also excited about is the pen test! My go to black pens are the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint in V7 and V5. The V7 is actually a cartridge system so I don’t have to run out an buy new pens all the time, just pop in a new cartridge. I’m eager to see how my favourite pens will fair on this journal which has ink proof and acid free paper. I also tested out my new Stationery Island Brush Pens which I will review in another post.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Pen Test

Here’s a little peek into my bujo now I’ve had a few days to use it. This page is for tracking any book, films + tv and video games played this month. This is fun to look back on for when I write up my monthly Geek Life posts. TV is going to consist of Game of Thrones seeing as I just started watching it!

TV Film and Book Tracker Bullet Journal

Here is how I track my blog stats, which I will be talking about in another post I’m working on about using a bullet journal to organise your blog.

Bullet Journal Blog Stats Page

Price wise I was very pleased as I ordered from Amazon ES where this journal cost 11,53€ at the time.

Do you use a bullet journal? What kinds of things do you track in yours?

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