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Early Morning Blogging + Day 17 Fitness Gaming

Hi good zzzzz morning, as I write this, it’s 07:30am and it’s still dark outside. I’m considering a power walk but also it’s Friday and I think I might play Just Dance or Ring Fit Adventure instead. Of course I will have to wait until an acceptable time before I start jumping round otherwise my downstairs neighbours will never forgive me haha.

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early mornings zzz

It looks like early morning blogging is my new thing. This is such a change for me seeing as I’m such a night owl and could happily blog at 1am. Not anymore I guess.

So even earlier this morning I was working on making clips from yesterday’s Fall Guys Twitch stream. It’s something I’m playing with and hope to make a funny montage of to share on YouTube.

I’m still working out the kinks, but Twitch is easier to go back in and create clips after a stream. Unless I’m missing some hidden feature on YouTube? It seems there you can only create the clip during the stream which is a bit hard to do when entertaining and playing at the same time.

In other news I have the biggest pile of laundry to sort out and housework, so here’s hoping I can get it all done plus my online work that needs to finished by this afternoon. Busy Friday here we go! 💪🏻

Day 17/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

So I decided to MOOOOOOVE and play Ring Fit Adventure, but I was feeling a bit lazy so I decided to film it to hold myself accountable. I did the level Stopfoot Wastes which is in World 5 and I was basically smashing boulders with my abs using the Abdominal Press Hold.

The video actually cut out, but at one point I fell backwards and landed on my laptop which was on the sofa. 😂 Oops! I’m hoping to film some more of these and upload my progress to YouTube.

right before I fell on my butt 🍑😂

On This Day 2020

It’s not looking good for Playstation 5 pre-orders. With living on an island we do all our pre-orders in store at GAME, but apparently they only had 10 consoles available via their website for the whole of Spain. Maybe next year. 🙃

On This Day 2018

I have a habit of renewing digital library books so many times. Yes, I am the reason that you have been waiting 5 weeks for that book. 😄

I actually sat and read over the weekend. Shocker. I’m reading a compilation of short Halloween stories but of course have a few other books on the go too! It is me after all.

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