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Dentist Again

Dentist Fashion.

I’m at the dentist again today, getting fitted for my new mouth guard to try and sort my TMJ disorder out. At least when it’s done I can play Horizon Zero Dawn again this afternoon, I am so into it. I even had to stick a timer on my watch the other day so I wasn’t on it all night (which I ignored). I’m loving all the open world exploration and it’s just so pretty!

At the dentist in times of covid
my dentist office give you free green shoes

I start playing so many different games but can never finish one. LOL. I think it’s fun to trophy hunt for some games but others are so difficult it would spoil the experience. If I can see any easy trophy I’ll go for it though.

A Rant About The Return of Tourism and the Mask Tan Myth

aka Reason 347 to leave social media

Watch out internet the idiots are out in full force this morning.

The British media are saying that people will be getting marks from sunbathing with a mask on.
There is no tan line, we’ve been wearing masks since last Summer (longer actually) here in the Canary Islands and you can take them off if you are settled on the beach and sunbathing or swimming. It’s the same in Portugal.

What an absolute privilege to be able to go sightseeing or wandering casually through a pretty town right now taking IG pics. And ‘horrific’ marks from masks? I’ve been wearing mine over a year outside and I have some chin acne, not the end of the world.

People live in those holiday destinations that you’re complaining about wearing masks and being safe. We are the ones working and wearing masks in the heat. Checking you in safely, cooking and serving your food and drink while respecting hygiene measures. Please show some mutual respect.

It’s so frustrating, I keep seeing tweets of how because we live here (insert holiday destination) we are ‘used to the heat and masks’ no… it’s that we respect the situation and get on with it. I’m sick of the elitism.