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Geek Life Lately 11

I didn’t realise it had been so long since I shared a Geek Life Lately update!

Decluttering the house is taking me FOREVER! What started as a Spring Clean is turning into a Summer Sortout and a very slow road to minimalism.

I’ll be sharing some posts with you soon about how I decluttered my makeup and a little DIY chair project I’ve been working on, so stay tuned for that.

Does This Makeup Spark Joy?

How many eyeliners does one person need? This isn’t even all of my makeup! I have a thing for blue and green eyeliners so it seems.
Decluttering Makeup


I hadn’t had my hair cut since August last year! Yikes. I had 4 inches cut off and resisted getting any highlights, still rocking the natural blonde look with last years ombre ends. I’m lemon juicing the heck out of it when we go on our mini break haha.
Long Hair Don't Care


Younger Sutton Foster (Bunheads) plays Liza a 40 year old passing herself off as 26 to get a job in the publishing world. The character is so out of touch with everything, it’s hilarious like when she is told to set up a twitter account for work. It’s kind of like a back to front ‘Jane by Design’.

Blast from the Past I really enjoyed this film, Brendan Fraser plays a guy who has lived his entire life in a bunker, when he is 35 he discovers the real world.

Reading Understanding Minimalism. Declutter Your Life to Reduce Stress
Listening to the birds tweeting outside
Making A cup of Liptons Green Tea with Mint
Feeling A bit sore from Zumba last night
Planning On sanding and priming the next dining chair
Loving The feeling of getting the house organised

What have you been up to lately?