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December Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

If you have been following my fitness journey for a while, you will know that I don’t wait around until January 1st to start working out. The 1st of each month is my ‘New Years Day’. I’ve always found this less overwhelming when making goals of any kind. So here we are, a fresh and festive month. 🎄

Palm Tree and Turquoise Sky

December Fitness Goals

I’m making some changes this month. Well I already started the last couple days of the November challenge.

I have quit fizzy drinks and sodas (again).

I was knocking back 2 cans a day, a very sugary strawberry soda with lunch and then an appletiser at about 8pm with my supper. Because I’m having some stomach issues that are quit frankly doing my head in, I decided this was a good place to start.

With regards to weight-loss, I would really like to get down to 70 kilos by the end of the month, but honestly if it stays the same and I get rid of my stomach issues and improve my mental health, I will see that as a win.

The last few days of November I was in a right funk, so I started going on a morning walk as well as my evening Pokémon GO walk. I haven’t set a time for this or any step goal, it’s a mental health walk to get some vitamin d and work through anything that’s bothering me or think about ideas I have. This is something I want to continue, it really sets me up for the afternoon, even if I just walk around the block on my work break. Going forward I’m looking forward to listening to short podcasts and upbeat playlists.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

December 1st start weight: 72 kg
December 30th end weight: kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: kg

Day 1 – Let’s Go!

Ho ho ho let’s go! It’s day one of the December fitness gaming challenge! I’m weighing in at 72kg today which has been up and down for a little while. I started the day with a short walk in the sunshine and took my recycling out. The difference it made to my mood was incredible.

Thanks for joining me on another challenge! Will you be joining in with any fitness or wellness challenges this month? Let me know in the comments.