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December Daily Photo Challenge

After reading a post by Alice from The Geeky Burrow, I decided to join in with December Daily and get back into a blogging habit again.

The concept is adapted from Ali Edwards’ December Daily project in which you share a story for each day of December with the emphasis on keeping it simple.

December Daily

December Daily

Now you may not have much going on each day of December but this is where things like photo challenge prompts come in handy. So you may want to google ‘December photo challenge prompts‘ to get you started.

You can share your favourite decorations, some festive food or a memory. I’m looking at my popular instagram uploads and going to incorporate that more into my blog as I have done in the past with my Instageek posts.

I began bullet journaling in October and I can’t wait to share some of that here on the blog. I might even make some YouTube videos about how I set my BuJo up! 🙂 See, I’m feeling inspired already.

I think a blog post per day is going to be difficult for me as I’m always thinking ‘Would this be good for SEO?’ but I feel like I need to break the mould as at the moment I’m not posting at all. Too much thinking and not enough content creating.

‘Will this be an evergreen post?’ ‘Have I written enough words?’ Will anyone read this?’. These are just a few questions that buzz around my head when I attempt to write a blog post.

You may remember I used to do something similar called Geek Week, in which I would write about my week in one post. This then turned into Geek Life which was seasonal and then became Instageek.

I spent a lot of time writing up about my Summer, didn’t get many comments/traffic despite tweeting about it a lot, which made me feel a bit disheartened and boring. Then I dropped off the face of the blogging planet for a while as I got busy.

I’m hoping this will bring my focus back and I can get stuck into writing again. I still have big plans for Cuteek.com and I can’t wait to share them with you, but for now let’s just see where December Daily takes us.