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Daily Geek Blog May 24 2021

  • Fit By 40
    • 16 mins bike workout. It’s roasting and I woke up with a nose bleed so I’ll do another 15 later or some Ring Fit Adventure.
  • Coffee and Dance Party!
  • Pleased with myself that I cleaned out one kitchen cupboard! 😂
  • Siesta time. Haven’t played Horizon for a few days.
  • They opened the COVID vaccine appointment system for 16yrs and over and now it’s impossible to get the site to load. I’ll try at midnight, there was a server overload. I assume it will be to get everyone in a database and sort the 40-49s out first. People I know have had about a week notice for their first vaccines up until now and been contacted by phone call. Update, I got my appointment booked.
  • Picked up some new skin care bits and now I can’t wait to wash my face.
  • Indie games are my jam.