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Rambo’s Anniversary May 22 2021

Rambo’s Anniversary.

1 year ago we said goodbye to our very good boy Rambo. We miss you so much little dog. 🖤
(as I’m writing this Rambo’s song just came on Spotify and it was the perfect moment, I felt him here with me.)

Señor Rambo 2004-2020

  • Air fried bacon sandwiches. Rambo would have approved.
  • Everyone is getting Pokémon Happy Meals. We don’t have them over here, I think our McDonalds is doing Happy Meal books at the moment.
  • Bidoof is very cute!
  • Had a great chat on the phone with my Mum and Dad, hope I get to see them this year.
  • Whatever you do, don’t google H5N8. This crap is never ending.
  • The film Tremors scarred me for life. It terrified me as a kid.
  • Time for cheese rolling in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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