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Daily Geek Blog June 9

On This Day 2020

Our local GAME is open, it was 4 people max in store, compulsory masks, hand sanitizer at the entrance, no touching anything and everything taped off so you could only go to the counter. They still had Animal Crossing promos from March in the windows and no new stock.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Island Dreaming

I went to get my Animal Crossing Switch bundle and case that I missed because of lockdown and they still hadn’t had any deliveries so I cancelled everything and bought the purple/orange joycons for mine and E’s shared Switch instead.

I ordered my Animal Crossing guidebook through Amazon UK to get the English version of the and they sent an email a while ago to say it was cancelled. No idea why. You can read more about my Animal Crossing journey here.

  • Sunbathing for the first time since last year. Also finished reading a book I started in January.
  • I have completed my Goodreads challenge of 5 books! Took me 5 months to read one of those 5. 

On This Day 2019

  • 02:30am and I’m awake watching dog videos.
  • Gaming
    • Still hustling for these stupid bugs in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It’s making me not enjoy events anymore. All my bugs come up as fails!
    • “Look at my heartfelt moustache” ;D playing The Mystery of Woolley Mountain
    • Breathtaking!  Watching XBOX E3 Cyberpunk 2077 presentation by Keanu Reeves.

On This Day 2018

  • Gaming
    • Finally downloaded Darkside Detective! I really like it so far.

On This Day 2017

  • That Friday Feeling!!!
  • My E3 Wishlist
    • Animal Crossing
    • Animal Crossing
    • Animal Crossing
  • Watching
    • LOL. Wonder Woman isn’t even on at my local cinema, the release date is June 23rd in Spain. I don’t think I’ll bother watching. The internet has completely spoilt it for me. They are really pushing The Mummy film here at the moment.

On This Day 2016

  • So tired last night, that I dreamt I was asleep!
  • Tried on a pair of size 12 jeans shorts and they actually went on! 
  • Just threw my socks in the toilet instead of the laundry basket. Another successful day of adulting. (They were Lacoste socks too, thankfully E rescued them and I washed them several times. Future me still has to think carefully when throwing socks in the laundry) 
  • The Sales assistant at my local Foot Locker had no idea about the Nintendo Vans.
  • Siestas rule! I took one and now it’s 8pm LOL.
  • Chewie we’re home.
  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Just noticed the new Twitter Live button. Hope I never press it by accident. 

On This Day 2015

Favourite pub name of the week The Swan with 2 Necks.

On This Day 2014

Sunshine, windows down, blasting Billy Ocean.

On This Day 2013

  • Gaming
    • I’m excited for E3 2013 – looking forward to seeing the new Zumba Fitness World Party game in action if possible.
    • Unicorn Runner is one bright game! 
  • Why am I always so funny when no one’s around?

On This Day 2012

  • Gaming
    • E3 2012 Zumba Fitness Core game to be released this year for Nintendo Wii and XBOX Kinect! EXCITED!!!
    • I thought that Zumba Fitness Rush was a huge improvement on the first game in the series, I’m enjoying it.