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Second Pfizer Vaccine

Today I had my second Pfizer vaccine. My appointment was 10am but I went early to get it out of the way and then went for breakfast with E. I was a bit more nervous this time round because I knew what to expect from the first shot. I was fine this morning but as the day went on I felt like I was getting the flu and tonight I had fever and chills when I came to bed.

On This Day 2020

The foggy glasses thing for me is usually better when I put my glasses over the top of the mask. That or a mask with a bendy part on the nose seem to help. If I’m out power walking I’m completely fogged up no matter what.

On This Day 2018

  • Goals
    • Save up enough money so I can have my second kidney surgery before I’m 40. I‘m not eligible for free healthcare at the moment (even if I was, the specialist for nephroptosis is private anyway) and my insurance doesn’t cover it. Already had the same problem with the left kidney, now the right.
  • Random Thoughts
    • I used to find loads of Barbie stuff at carboot sales when I was big into collecting but never did see much Polly Pocket.
    • Will be reviewing my new Body Shop goodies soon. I’m obsessed with green tea smellies lately! I might have to try the almond and honey! I love the pink grapefruit hand lotion for summer too.
  • Studying
    • “Follower count is often the most fluffy metric. Just because people follow you doesn’t mean the right people are following you.” – HubSpot Academy dropping knowledge!

On This Day 2017

  • Random Thoughts
    • Sometimes you just got to step away… I’ve come back to this same blog post 5 times now. I ended up watching To The Bone on Netflix.
    • The fiesta in my village has just started and all I can hear is a very fast version of Yellow Submarine with loud trumpets and drums.
    • I want cheese covered nachos + jalapeños.
    • Puppers neighbours are the best neighbours.
  • Gaming
    • Nice little gaming afternoon: few levels of Crash Bandicoot and some Mario Kart Deluxe!
    • Hell yeah my horse in Breath of the Wild is called Rambo! I just had to. I have another one called Chester. 😊
  • Reading
    • I still haven’t finished reading the Harry Potter books (or seen the films). I’m currently reading Goblet of Fire and it just has SO many pages. My Dad is really into Game Of Thrones but he’s struggling with the first book.
  • Watching
    • 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) made me cry a lot. It’s a rough. My sister died from suicide and I was a wreck watching it. The actors who play Hannah’s parents really captured the emotions that the family goes through. I could relate so much. It’s very difficult, even years later. Always thinking what could have been done differently and why. I would take absolute caution when watching it. Thankfully the episodes have warnings on them.

On This Day 2015

  • Random Thoughts
    • Dear creative/geek/designer/fashion type peeps, there needs to be more geeky maxi dresses in the world. I’m a big fan of long skirts, maxi dresses and palazzo pants but I can’t find anything that expresses my geeky side in these styles. There is a Death Star maxi skirt on ThinkGeek but I’d love to see some more variety for different fandoms.
  • Reading
    • *Chuckles to self* “The only X and Y I want to be searching for are in my Pokémon game.” – Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl by Paige Lavoie. There are so many great references in this book.
    • Added Armada and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline to my wishlist.

On This Day 2012

Wonder if crimped hair a la Daryl Hannah in Splash will ever make a comeback?

On This Day 2011

  • Random Thoughts
    • Burnt my little finger on my new GHD’s. They are HOT! It’s just below where the nail starts, so tender and it’s starting to bubble. 🤢
    • I wonder what the Harajuku Lovers perfume smells like? The bottle is so cute.