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Daily Geek Blog July 08

On This Day 2020

I heard Rambo’s collar jingle in the middle of the night. 😭

Ugh! I can’t believe masks still aren’t compulsory in shops and public spaces in UK. I remember back to the beginning of March when I chose to start wearing a mask. I got the loudest eye roll and mutterings off some old dear. More fool them. At least I can look back on this time and say I did my best. I feel like a badass in my mask.

On This Day 2018

I just have to accept that I will be a sweaty hot mess from now until October. We are getting our heatwave on Monday, it’s usually accompanied by a sandstorm. It also means I really need to get my hair cut soon. I’m not sure how short I’ll get it yet as I’ve always had long hair but I can’t do much with it in the Summer. It grows very quickly but saying that I only get it done once or twice a year. The ‘annual hair cut and lazy highlights’.

Buy a New Desk or Paint the One I Have?

I’m considering getting a new desk and have my eye on the white MICKE desk from IKEA. I’m not fussed on the colour or the pull out panel of my current desk, it’s supposed to be light wood but the sun has stained it an orange colour. I had half covered it in a white wrap to hide the wood. I’ve decided to take everything off my desk instead and finish covering it.

After some thought, I’ve decided to keep my desk and one day I will paint it all white. The dimensions of the desks I’m seeing online are not large enough for what I need and there’s nothing structurally wrong with my current desk. (Reader: I eventually painted my desk turquoise!)

I’m going to start my first project on freeCodeCamp tonight. I finished the Google Digital Marketing course and passed the exam yesterday. 😀

On This Day 2017

Painful kidneys this morning = medicines + rest. Think I’ve over done it this week and pushed myself too much. I’ve shut the curtains and made a Bat cave. Plans are Netflix, bowl of cereal, Animal Crossing, sofa and Pokémon.

On This Day 2016

Why does it take me 2 weeks minimum to clean the spare room when my parents come to visit? Same here! There’s so much junk, but I’m decluttering as I go. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Note to self: The method of dumping everything in the office is going to come back to bite me in the butt. 😆

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ⚡️