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Daily Geek Blog August 11

On This Day 2020

Cases of the virus are going up and weekends are crazy right now. We have a lot of tourists from mainland Spain and other islands. I want to hibernate in the mountains.

Bitmoji waving from laptop

On This Day 2019

The hydroplane just flew over my house!

On This Day 2018

Quite happy that I deleted my Snapchat ages ago. Thankfully we still have filters in Instagram stories for those days when we need a little something.

On This Day 2017

We’ve recently started the whole minimalism thing and it’s taking over haha. I just feel surrounded by crap because everything is out.

One of my goals for August is to try handlettering. I’m eagerly awaiting on my Amazon package with brush pens and Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal.

On This Day 2015

Watching Pretty Little Liars. If Caleb is A I will cry! There have been some amazing Wren theories but he seems the obvious choice. It’s definitely not Ezra, he’s a parent. But that whole Ezra is A thing was quite appealing. Could A be Spencer’s evil twin? Wren as A seems like the obvious choice. I hope it’s not him.

The last big reveal was when we found out about Charles. I. Marlene King says this is the big reveal and A will unmasked. They’ve said this about 5 times haha. First it was Ali, Mona, Ezra.. season 7 is the last one though. There is going to be a #PLLTimeJump – the Liars are finally leaving school and growing up. At last. LOL.

On This Day 2014

So excited my #mwswag prize has arrived, opening it now and it smells wonderful! I won a bunch of Toni & Guy hair products.