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Daily Geek Blog April 03

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO ALERT! This is a funny one don’t miss it, please give me a sub while you’re there. Excited to stream Animal Crossing! Coming soon!

why do they do this?

On This Day 2019

Still SO many bloggers using PipDig…. even after the latest news. I do understand there is a tech language barrier here. Keeping a theme that is contributing to a DDoS attack and manipulating links just because it’s pretty is ignorant when they could switch over to a temporary free secure theme.

It’s because they don’t see or understand the backend. Some big bloggers are still defending them and it’s worrying.

On This Day 2018

Was chatting to my Danish classmate outside Spanish school and have learned how to properly pronounce Hygge. It’s something like Hyoogah with a soft y. He didn’t write it down, just said it about 20 times. He was telling me it’s more like good wine and company of friends for him in a nice atmosphere and that it’s not really a hot chocolate/book/curl up alone thing.

We got chatting because I’ve been reading The Little Book of Hygge. The book so far has talked a lot about candles and lamps in general but also the hygge atmosphere of a good coffee shop with friends and good conversation.

On This Day 2017

I’ve just been on a power walk even though it’s like 30ºC degrees outside.

On This Day 2014

My surgeon won’t allow me to do Zumba until she’s sure my kidney won’t detach again, doesn’t mean I can’t shoulder pop to Zumba tunes though. I wouldn’t last 5 mins doing Zumba anyway haha, I’m struggling to walk 3,000 steps a day, get tired so easily.