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Daily Blogging

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Daily Blogging

Daily blogging is certainly not new to me and there are a ton of posts you can check out from when I archived my whole social presence onto the blog. Writing daily blog posts was an effort. I think this is because I tried to include life updates while staying somewhat private. This time round I’ll be using fun blog prompts and I won’t be so hard on myself if I don’t post EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Why write a daily blog?

I quit social media in 2022 and came back in Spring 2023… I’m not sure why I thought this would be a good idea for me. But here we are.

I’ve deactivated and deleted my socials once again.

I can still be found on YouTube and Pinterest, both of which I consider as search engines rather than social media platforms.

So of course we need a place to vent, chat and nerd out. Although I have been pretty consistent here with the monthly Geek Life Lately posts, I feel like that’s more of a rambling recap post trying to fit the whole month into one thing. I want to pick up The Daily Geek again so I can share snippets of my geeky life here and there and just enjoy blogging again, unapologetically.

Blog Prompt Ideas

Blogging was much more popular before social media took hold and while it’s not as popular now, we can pinch some of the trending hashtag ideas and use them for blogging instead. I’ll probably use a mix of ideas sticking with the geek lifestyle blog theme. So for me I might do something like #WhatThisWeek which is a popular Instagram hashtag where people share their currently reading, listening and watching kind of stuff, much like what I rounded up on Geek Life Lately issue 43 .

There’s also gratitude style posts like Grateful Bytes, where you could share 10 things you’re grateful for that week. It’s a nice list style blog post idea and if you keep notes on your phone throughout the week it should be fairly easy to write up on a Sunday morning.

If you watch movies on a Friday night you could do a popcorn review with an in depth look at films and series you are enjoying and recommend.

There’s also the ever popular Photo Dump idea which instagrammers have really taken to, usually posting on Mondays with the past 7 days of photos and a microblog post to go with it. I really like the idea of a photo dump and I’m hoping to get my old digital camera from the 2000s up and running to try something a bit different with this so stay tuned.

Notes from the sofa

You know like to keep it real here. I’m writing this blog post from the sofa as I’m recovering from suspected kidney stones. I have been in AGONY and I really hope that I haven’t had a nephroptosis relapse, but I’m trying to stay positive. I’m very grateful for my husband who has been looking after me and letting me squeeze his hand through the pain, air conditioning and free healthcare. I’m also so very grateful for all of you that read my blog, whether you are new or have been here for a while.

Feeling inspired to make notes for a gratitude post….

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖