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Cuteek Wrapped 2023

It’s time for the Cuteek Wrapped 2023 edition and what a year it was! Let’s dive right in. This is a fun post of all the wrapped and end of year updates from gaming, listening, reading and studying.

Regarding content creation it was awesome getting to continue my work as an Ambassador for Outright Games and Ubisoft Partner. I also teamed up with a brick building toy company so stay tuned for future reviews! 2023: The year I discovered One Piece and Doctor Who!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you are having a wonderful 2024. πŸ’– Let’s take a look at some of the geeky highlights of the year.

Purple Nintendo Switch Joycon with pink paw thumbgrips

Document Don’t Create

As I’m always documenting on this blog with The Daily Geek Blog posts (which I’m happy to almost put a lid on), Geek Life Lately and Grateful Bytes gratitude posts I feel like I have a good outlet and a lovely cozy community here on the blog. That’s why the next part was a bit difficult but I know you understand….

Quitting Social Media again again

If you’ve been following Cuteek for a while you will know that since 2021 I’ve been slowly quitting social media, app by app, slip up by slip up. I made a brief comeback in 2023 and decided it was such a dumpster fire that I would only use this blog and YouTube to stay in touch with the community. This was tough at first but the lazer focus was really helpful, plus it gave me more time to get the content done instead of talking about the content on social posts.

So my health was all over the place in 2023 and sometime in May I brought my Twitter account back, for Star Wars day I think. This was a huge distraction, great idea at the time but time wasted. I eventually ditched it again and spent time in a few Discords.

Instagram announced their Threads app and I was all against it until Europe got access in November 2023 after privacy policies were improved. I needed a X equivalent for my work accounts that I manage social media for so I thought why not get Cuteek on there. It was actually nice building up from scratch and finding my place in the community but also very very very distracting.

After 3 weeks using Threads I decided to leave. Here’s a YouTube video I made about this plus some thoughts about social media going into 2024. I could probably do an update on this again, since I made some decisions about the future of this blog also. Don’t worry I’m not quitting blogging but there will be some changes. πŸ’–


YouTube has been a really fun and challenging ride in 2023. I think once I discovered what my Ikigai was, my purpose for creating content and something I can help others with it all clicked. I embraced the fact that I am unique in my gaming and recording style, getting creative with the tech and gadgets that I do have instead of feeling like I have to keep up with anyone else.

That was a huge lesson. Just do you boo.

Respect and love to those streamers with amazing setups, cozy gaming corners and custom built PCs with all the flashing lights and neon prettiness. Love that for you! It’s just not for me personally and with the energy I have for this hobby, I want to be more of a press record and play from the sofa kind of gal. Streaming also, I’ll take it or leave it but YouTube is definitely my home for all of the video content, whether that’s Shorts, video gameplay, vlogs or Duolingo motivation.

Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped is probably one of my favourite end of year wrap ups to look out for. During the year I feel like I listen to the same stuff but there are always some surprises. I am a Spotify Premium user and have always said that if I could only keep one streaming service including Netflix, Disney+ and the rest, I would choose Spotify every time. I really like how podcasts now have accompanying video option so I can watch video podcasts too.

Cuteek Spotify Wrapped 2023
Cuteek Spotify Wrapped 2023

In 2023 I managed to listen to 34,336 minutes and my top genre was Soft Rock. Fleetwood Mac was my Top Artist along with their song Everywhere, which I listen to CONSTANTLY. My top 3 podcasts were Clutterbug Podcast, The Gary Vee Audio Experience and Same Brain by sisters Justine and Jenna Ezarik. I don’t really have any music goals but it would be good to listen to some more podcasts in 2024.

Who was your most listened to artist of 2023?

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023

To find your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 check this link! There’s even a free Marvel’s Spider-Manβ„’ Spider-Bot Digital Collectible to claim at the end of the wrap up, so make sure to grab it. There are so many cool stats on this one, it seems I spent a lot of time playing Fortnite and Fall Guys in 2023 lol.

PlayStation Wrap Up 2023
PlayStation Wrap Up 2023

One of my gaming goals for 2024 is to play more of my backlog and try new stuff. Lookout for my First Impressions series which is going to allow me to check out a LOT more games and tackle my gaming backlog. I did this with PowerWash Simulator where I filmed my reaction playing for the first time and a blog post to go with it. This takes the pressure off to play a full game to produce a review, which I don’t really have time to dedicate when I have my IRL job, health issues and not as much time to spend on 100% walkthroughs or guides.

Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023

I can’t help but be a little bit shocked at my Nintendo Switch Year in Review! 😱 I guess I spent more time on my PlayStation 5 in 2023 but I didn’t realize how much I neglected my Switch! With just 2 hours on Animal Crossing New Horizons and 6 hours on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I’m like….

Cuteek Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023
Cuteek Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023

I’d like to play more Nintendo Switch games in 2024 especially since we pay for Nintendo Switch Online service. One thing that stopped me was feeling like I had to share every game I was playing over on social media but now that I don’t have it I can just do little mini reviews and roundups.

My Animal Crossing goal for 2024 and that is to declutter my island and continue with the year round holiday theme. I have a Halloweentown already but would love to include other celebrations and create a permanent Christmas area and vacation zone. I’ll keep you posted on this. πŸ˜…

GoodReads Reading Challenge 2023

In 2023 I read a total of 7 books. My goal was 5 so I’m happy with that. I tend to read more business and self help books these days rather than the rom com stuff I enjoyed a few years ago. 2023 saw me read my first Stephen King books.

I started with Survivor Type, which is what Stephen King said was his favourite, then went on to read The Shining which was INCREDIBLE. I hit the charity shops and found myself a nice collection of King books for about 7€.

After watching the Tyson Fury Netflix show, At Home With The Furys, I picked up Love and Fury by Paris Fury. This was a surprising read for me as I’d never heard of the boxer or his family before and it was very interesting to read and learn more about them and their lives as travellers.

Starting a new year means back to the beginning of The Daily Stoic book. This year I’m taking notes!

My 2024 reading goal is 10 books which I think is a nice relaxed goal for me.

Duolingo 2023 Year in Review

2023 was the year I really embraced language learning on Duolingo. I reached a 1,000 day streak and built part of my YouTube community around Duolingo motivation and tutorials. All part of my Ikigai that I mentioned earlier. I got top 3% among all learners and spent 1374 minutes learning. I want to improve on this for 2024.

To view your own Duolingo in review go to the app and select your profile page, you can tap on your statistics from there and discover your own learner review.

Netfix Wrapped 2023

I couldn’t find an official Netflix Wrapped but if I can gather together a list of films and tv watched based on my monthly posts I’ll add it in here at some point. There will probably be a lot of cheesy films that I was late to the party with πŸ€ͺ

Let’s chat in the comments! πŸ‘‡

What’s your reading goal for 2024? Do you have any gaming backlog goals? Maybe some study goals for 2024?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🦊