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Gaming and Life: Getting the Balance Right

Gaming is one of those things that everybody’s got an opinion on, especially when it comes to mental health. Ultimately, they can have both a positive and negative effect. They can provide mental stimulation and help develop problem-solving skills, and can even be helpful for … Read more

playstation plus monthly games april 2024

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games April 2024

The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for April 2024 have been announced and will be available from Tuesday April 2 until Monday May 6 2024. Let’s take a look at these 3 FREE PlayStation games for PS Plus members and see if they are worth downloading. … Read more

Tom Nook amiibo Green Sweater | Animal Crossing

Tom Nook amiibo

I’ll be there with Bells on! Ho ho! The Tom Nook amiibo is super photogenic, which is great because I haven’t stopped taking pics of him. He’s the perfect addition to any Animal Crossing amiibo collection. This is a rather serious look for him compared … Read more

Alpaca Wonders Why Review

Alpaca Wonders Why Review

Alpaca Wonders Why is a cute interactive adventure game from DillyFrame where we will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about alpacas!  There are 8 chapters, facts and a quiz to test our knowledge.  This game is aimed at children but let’s see how it … Read more

PowerWash Simulator First Impressions

PowerWash Simulator First Impressions

In this episode we take a look at PowerWash Simulator for the first time on PlayStation 5. Here are my honest first impressions of the game, as we clean a very dirty van and learn how to use the nozzles and sprays. In each part … Read more

Cuteek Backlog Challenge

The Backlog Challenge

Ahh the dreaded gaming backlog. If you are a gamer then it’s very likely that you have an overwhelming backlog of games to play and don’t know where to get started. With digital copies, retro games and even more if you are subscribed to any … Read more