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Create More Than You Consume

I’m working so hard on my blog right now, I’m like laser focused and as I’ve distanced myself from a lot of the noise on social media, although I have returned to Twitter, I’m not overthinking as much.

Green Pear Saffiano Filofax A5
Cute notebooks and journals help 😀

There were times I’d open up my blog dashboard, poised ready to type when my brain would go a thousand miles an hour, racing with doubts about any potential content:

Should I post this, should I post that? Did this blogger post something similar 5 years ago? What if someone already thought this, or mentioned that in a blog post last week and I’ve read it and subconsciously my brain will remember it as my own idea? – You get the idea! 😅

Not anymore!

I’m creating more than I consume and that means the information overload I once had has cleared for me to be able to create better content and those ideas I’d pushed to the bottom of the draft pile are finally seeing light. The minimalist part of me is nodding her head and clapping.

I hate to admit but there are gaming reviews that I have left unpublished (until now) because I didn’t play to 100% or reach platinum or couldn’t get that far in the game because of my ability or skill level. I stupidly thought that it wouldn’t be seen as a legit review, caring too much about what other people thought instead of what I think about the game and playing it as a human, who has 24 hours in a day.

Not anymore!

Stay tuned for loads more here on Cuteek! I’m excited for where this blog is going and my journey to better quality content.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖🏖