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Coffee Shop Mystery | Geek Blog 177

What does everyone do when they need to use the bathroom when working from a coffee shop or bar? I need to know… ? I mean, do you pack everything away or lock it to the table? What do people do? Such a mystery. 😄

Coffee Shop Mystery
I’ve always wondered this

I love working from my home office. I like the idea of working from a coffee shop or a co-working space but don’t like the thought of having to pack everything away whenever I need to use the bathroom hahaha. There’s a local co-working space that has a spa! Not sure I’d get much work done there though. 😜

On This Day 2020

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • What a fun day to work in tourism.
    • Spain has been put on the GOV UK non-essential travel list (except Canaries & Balearics) but anyone flying to England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland must quarantine for 2 weeks when returning from anywhere in Spain, inc. islands. Did I just go into a time machine back to lockdown at the beginning of March?
    • I’m going to need a lot of Animal Crossing and cake after this! To be fair most people have been kind, I even had some lovely lady helping me. I’ve been told I’m wrong 1000 times in the last hour.

When it comes to my Animal Crossing island I’m most definitely not a perfectionist.

On This Day 2019

Not that anyone asked but we eat our main meal for lunch. My dinner is usually cereal or oats with berries. Nothing too heavy before bed. 👵

It’s already 23°C here at 06:25am. Being on holiday in extreme heat and having to get on and work/do normal life are completely different things.

  • Gaming
    • Alex Kidd in Miracle World is packed full of frustrating fun! I had the SEGA Master System II and Miracle World was built in to start when you powered on. It was my favourite but drove me mad at the same time. 😂
    • The Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch bundle is set to release on 10/10/19! What do you think of this colour combo? Look at the Mickey ears on the Home button!!! I don’t even play Tsum Tsums but I’m tempted!
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch
So cute! Love the purple and pink joycon combo!

On This Day 2017

I had a dream I went to the Galápagos Islands. I know nothing about the place, it’s so weird my brain chose to dream it up.

  • Minimalism
    • I’m trying to become a geeky minimalist and everyone has such cute wishlist blog posts and Primark currently have all of the alpaca decor! 🤓
    • There’s much to learn, did you know you can still be a minimalist and have collections or things?! Mind blowing right? The idea is that everything you keep sparks joy, whether that be 150 Funko Pops or 4 books.

On This Day 2015

The new X-Files trailer is here and I am NOT ready. 👽

The X-Files Revival Trailer 2015

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 👽