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Coffee and Games

Coffee and Games!

  • My last 6 used emojis: 😂😆🎧🍲😗🎮
  • Still thinking about the delicious Indian takeaway we got yesterday.
  • I’m still in bed and I’m so hungry but also very lazy. I had to get up I was too hungry in the end.
  • We are still wearing masks outside by law. We just have to keep ourselves safe and be considerate, if I see people unmasked I stay away.
Kaiku Caffe Latte Colombia Edition
Kaiku coffee and games.
  • Gaming
    • My stream setup is the TV and PS4 direct stream to Youtube with native YouTube streaming window open on my Macbook. No camera. Headset is Kopa Pro Stereo with built in mic. It works for what I need to do. I can’t justify spending loads of money for casual streaming.
    • Earned 1 PSN trophy (1 bronze) in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.
    • No stream today, I didn’t feel like it.
    • The coolest thing I ever saw someone get for a game release or promo was when iJustine got an XBOX fridge!
That time iJustine got an XBOX fridge, definitely the coolest promo for a game launch
  • Studying
    • I’m trying to get into the habit of reading 30 minutes before bed. I have a book about epidemiology that I really want to finish, it’s taking me so long.
    • I’ve completed week 1 and 2 of the Future Learn course Foundations of Spanish for Global Communication with Kings College London.
    • If you can’t afford certificates for online courses, take a screenshot because you worked hard for that!
    • I really like the layout and learning style of Future Learn. They have so many great courses. After I’ve finished my Babbel Spanish course I’ll be picking another FL one.
Future Learn Foundations of Spanish For Global Communication Kings College London Certificate
certified 😆 A screenshot will have to do.