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Geek Life Lately 20

Christmas and Kings 2017-18

Happy New Year nerds! I thought I’d start off this Geek Life Lately by telling you about what I got for Christmas and 3 Kings Day. Because I live in Spain, we celebrate a little differently to England where I am originally from.

People often ask me if I get double the amount of gifts and what is 3 Kings Day so let me explain. No I don’t get double the amount of gifts, it’s more like the festivities are longer but don’t really begin until 20th December when everyone is really getting into the spirit of things with Christmas carols, the famous El Gordo lottery and Christmas Eve dinner.

To keep my traditions alive, E and I will exchange our gifts on Christmas Day. If we have presents from my side of the family, this is when we will open those too. E is Spanish so we exchange gifts with his side of the family on 6th January.

This year we both received some lovely gifts and I’ve seen a few blog posts where people have shared what presents they got and thought I’d join in.

What I Got For Christmas?

The following gifts are all from E, my parents and nan gave us money towards a new exercise bike. Plus my Mum knitted me a snuggly jumper which has been lovely for those cooler 20ºC degree days LOL.

A few days before Christmas we were shopping and spotted this LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4 with LEGO Finn! It was my first present to enjoy over the Christmas break.

I was overjoyed to get Star Wars Funko Pops, especially Porgs! I was admiring these in GAME for ages and E surprised me with them. We already have a Chewbacca with bowcaster from The Force Awakens but after seeing The Last Jedi we fell in love with all things Porg!

Geeky Gifts

He also got me some amazing silver Bose Headphones which are noise cancelling and just the best things ever! I’ve never had fancy headphones before so I feel totally spoilt. Fluffy bunny slippers were a must as my Pikachu slippers recently fainted ^_^

Last but not least we have the wonderful DotCreates Blog planner, which I’m going to start using this week. Then I will give you more of an update on how I’m using it and a sneaky peek inside. It’s amazing and was such a surprise!

Here’s what I bought for E:
As you can tell there is a bit of a theme! I’ll show off the Super Mario Odyssey guide better in another post, but it’s just beautiful and great as he’s looking for the last few moons. The Super Mario notebook is a lovely bright red and has a mystery block magnetic closing. Our dog Rambo got him the little Link figure. ^_^

gifts for geeks

Also got him his favourite scent Issey Miyake and of course Star Wars Battlefront II for PS4.

3 Kings Gifts

I included my 3 Kings presents in the photo above. I’m like the easiest person to buy for really, snuggly pijamas are the best and they have a unicorn kitty on the front. They are seriously the fluffiest things and so warm. Maybe you are looking at those tuna cans and thinking WTH? Well, we really like tuna but this is like 4€ a can super tuna, which is proper stuff and dolphin friendly. Then we have this ADORABLE little succulent plant which is going to reside on my desk once I sort it out and some vanilla cashmere candles!

bulbasaur succulent

We also received some money which will go towards something nice, like Apple TV or maybe to our exercise bike fund. E got me this turquoise Quechua jacket from Decathlon too which is super bright and cozy. I ordered him a new electric shaver online but we’re still waiting on it in the post.

By the way, the sales don’t start until 8th January and will run until the end of March. For this reason we usually avoid shopping for the first week of sales because many people will be exchanging or taking things back from Kings Day.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Christmas and Reyes traditions! Let me know in the comments the top gift that you gave or received this holiday.
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