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Choosing my first Filofax!

I didn’t think picking out a Filofax would be such a difficult task! I’ve always used diaries, even after I invested in various apple gadgets and gizmos, I still like to write things down, with a pen. Pinterest is totally to blame for my new interest in this trendy journal, I’ve even dedicated a whole pinterest board as it’s own personal shrine (it has loads of tips and links to free Filofax inserts and printables)

purple filofax

So on my quest, I discovered there are all different sizes and this video helped me decide which one would be good for me. I’m going for the Personal size. The next difficult part is picking a colour!

After I chose the size, I headed over for a drool browse at FiloFax UK, where I picked out the Original Personal Fluoro Pink Leather which of course is out of stock! It’s a shame really as it would match my neon pink satchel. They have it on Amazon US and Amazon UK, success!

I guess the next thing to do is click add to basket. 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to organize myself better, I’ve seen some great tips from other bloggers who use their Filofax to help sort out all those blog posts and ideas. I can’t wait to get started!

Do you use a paper journal or FiloFax? Do you prefer to stay digital?