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The Adventures of Chester and Cooper

The adventures of Chester and Cooper tells the story of two dogs, a Yorkie and a Chihuahua as they explore their world, eat chicky nuggies and take siestas.

Chester and Cooper are Rambo‘s cousins (my brother-in-law’s pups). Chester is a Yorkshire Terrier who spent a lot of time with Rambo, they were best buds and even room mates at one point. Chester learnt a lot from Rambo and sometimes has a look of him.

Cooper the Chihuahua is the newest addition to the family. He arrived in the Summer of 2020 so he never met Rambo, but strangely has some of his traits. I thought it would be sweet to make them a page for their adventures as we dog-sit them and take them for car rides. We didn’t want to get anymore pets after Rambo’s passing, so we spoil these two instead.