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Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial

This Cheshire Cat makeup tutorial is the most awesome thing ever! It’s based on Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and created by Erica aka Makeupstop123 on Youtube.

Cheshire Cat Makeup tutorial

She has pulled out all the stops and used the anime eye makeup trick, when her eyes are closed the Cheshire Cat’s eyes are visible on her eyelids. For a better look at what Erica did to achieve the Cheshire Cat makeup look, see her video below.

This is a great start for your Halloween costume this year. All you would need is some fur leg and arm warmers over grey/blue leggings and top, or you could team it with this Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume!

Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume

Would you ever try this makeup for Halloween? It could be good for an Alice in Wonderland themed party also!