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Change of Routine

Oh hey friend, so you may have noticed that the daily posts haven’t been as daily as usual and that’s because I have a complete change of routine. E has a new job (back to work for the first time since March 2020) which means we’ve made the shift from night owls to early birds. It’s 10am and I’ve already worked out, had breakfast, written a blog post and started on my chores. Second breakfast anyone? 😅

Bitmoji Early Birds Gets the Worm
hahah what is this?

I’m actually really liking getting a start on the day and I love seeing all the pups on their walks early in the morning before sunrise. It makes me really miss Rambo. Taking the recycling out for a walk just isn’t the same.

  • The Diary of a Blogger
    • Have you ever been in a blog commenting pod? (Don’t do it, they are the worst) I was in one where we were all added to a massive google doc spreadsheet and ‘had to’ comment on 90 blogs. It was years ago but the idea was that you would get 90 comments back. It never worked and the other blogs weren’t even in my niche. It was fake AF. 😅
    • Which brings me to a shout out to two awesome creator friends who often leave me lovely genuine comments and support here on Cuteek. 🥳 Thank you both!
      • Monster Crafts who has an awesome blog about doll collecting, photography and crafts.
      • Dezpresso who has just started a gaming YouTube channel with a fun Bytesized Adventure series.

How are you? What have you been up to so far this Summer?

On This Day 2020

  • Just been to our favourite bar for a cortado largo coffee.  ☕️ It was a delicious mud, served in a glass that I will never forget. First visit in a long time since before lockdown, the owner was so happy to see us.
  • Where is everyone buying their geeky masks from? I need to get in on the trend.
  • There’s a reporter on TV wearing an avocado shirt and I NEED IT!

So I spontaneously began painting the walls of my roof garden…..I had some turquoise left over from my IKEA Fornbro Table DIY. No idea how it will react with the wall but it went on well and I needed to get arty and throw paint on a wall after the latest travel news.

I’d love to get some pretty solar lanterns and other bits and bobs when it’s ready. I want to have like an Aloha / Animal Crossing vibe up on our roof. Fairy lights are on my list too, we used to have solar ones, they lasted years. It’s a really good time to have a project going like this even if it takes a while.

On This Day 2017

  • Mins Game
    • Today’s treasure! Plugged my old bedazzled MP3 player in, played some tunes, but then it started flashing and overheating so I quickly turned it off. 😅
Pink Bedazzled MP3 Player | Fake iPod
it took me ages to stick those gems on haha