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How to Celebrate Star Wars Day: May the 4th!

May the 4th is Star Wars day, so I thought about some cool ways how to celebrate. What I have learnt is that even if you are late to the party, the Star Wars fandom is a very accepting and fun one to be part of.

May the 4th was chosen as Star Wars Day as it is a play on the famous Star Wars quote ‘May the Force be with you’. Some people also celebrate Revenge of the Fifth on May 5th.

Come to the Dark side, we have cookies (and LEGO).

7 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Star Wars Film Marathon

Relive every second by marathoning through all of the Star Wars films. I will be going back to the start and watching A New Hope as I’ve recently watched Episodes I, II & III followed by The Force Awakens. There are theories on which order to watch Star Wars films in, such as the Machete Order.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Steelbook

Lightsaber Fitness Class

Take a lightsaber fitness class. Learn how to use the force correctly, release that inner Jedi (or Sith Lord) and get in shape at the same time.

Lightsaber combat lessons

Try some Star Wars Hairstyles and Helmets

We all know Chewbacca is secretly everyone’s hair idol, so channel your inner wookie and blow dry it all back.

Chewbacca Hair Star Wars GIF

Grab your blaster pistol and rule the galaxy with Princess Leia’s side buns. Try the latest hairstyle on Jakku, with Rey’s bubble buns or Padmé’s twisty curls! May 4th is your chance to try something new. Check out my attempt at #ReyBuns here.

Star Wars hairstyles

Not into hair? Grab yourself a Darth Vader helmet and take some fun photos in places like the park next to some flowers, at the beach or maybe pushing a shopping cart at the local supermarket. These will make for some interesting posts on social media!

Play a Star Wars video game

One of my latest video game obsessions is Star Wars Battlefront. I got it for Christmas a few years ago in the special PS4 bundle and let’s just say this, since then the soundtrack to my life is the Imperial March.

If you already have the game, make sure to log in on May 4th for 4,444 FREE credits and a new Hutt Contract!

Star Wars Battlefront Game

Build a LEGO Death Star

This kid built a LEGO Death Star in just 3 minutes! Ok it was a time-lapse, but imagine the fun you could have building your own, then destroying it!!! You might want to save up your Galactic Credits though, especially for this Original Trilogy Edition Death Star.

Throw a Star Wars Party

Ain’t no party like a Star Wars party. You could have lightsaber duals, wookie cookies and droid races. Invite your guests to dress as their favourite character, extreme cosplay encouraged. Get creative and make some Star Wars cocktails (and mocktails) for the evening.

BB-8 Cocktails

If you will be playing party games, try to incorporate the original soundtrack by John Williams. (That would make for some interesting pass the parcel 😉 ) Do your best Kylo Ren impression and smash up a piñata using a lightsaber.

Star Wars Merch

Treat yo’ self to some awesome Star Wars merchandise. I’ve just started collecting Funko Pops! so there is a Chewbacca POP hanging out on my tv console… alone. He might need a friend soon… (the feels)

This Han Solo Funko POP is pretty cute. He’s from the new collection for The Force Awakens, check out his little eye bags!

Hans Solo Funko POP Star Wars

I hope you enjoyed these 7 ideas on how to celebrate Star Wars Day.

How you will be spending May 4th? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Celebrate Star Wars Day
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