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Campus Life Game Review

I’m a big fan of the Facebook App game, Sorority Life although I dislike the fact that it’s not available in iPad app form anymore, so it’s hard to keep up with. I was searching the app store for something similar and found Campus Life. It’s basically SL in 3D!

You pick an avatar, hair colour, name – all those fun things and then you have to begin your own college Sorority. You have income, clothing, furniture and you can expand your house, invite new recruits and go on dates.

Campus Life

I’m pretty hooked on Campus Life – even though I’m not a fan of Farmville style games, this has appeal to me as I’m a Sorority Life player. Basically you just have to tap things on the screen to earn cash, level up, improve your sorority and get the best house on campus!

At the moment you cannot play Campus Life on Facebook, but I’m sure it’s in the works from PocketGems.

Campus Life is available FREE in the iTunes app store and Google Play Store for Android!

As a side note I play Campus Life on my iPad 2 which is nice and clear but I also started a game up on my iPod Touch 5th Gen to see how it looked, it’s the same quality, just on a smaller screen.

Have you played Campus Life yet? Which iPad games do you think are addictive?