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Campus Life Cheats: Game of Thrones?

Since the game Campus Life is so addictive, not only am I playing it on my iPad but also on my iPod touch. My iPad game is a couple of weeks old but the iPod game is fairly new. New players may notice a computer desk appear in the middle of your sorority house in game, with a little envelope above it.

Basically all it is, is to get you to sign up for the PocketGems newsletter which is no big deal and easy enough to do, I did this in my iPad game. What happens though after some time, your computer desk will turn into a white throne or chair.

Campus Life Cheats

I’m not a big fan of this chair and think that my house will benefit from the computer more, so in my new iPod game I’m not going to click the envelope bubble and see if I can keep hold of the computer desk instead.

This is more of a tip than a Campus Life Cheat, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Campus Life is available FREE in the iTunes app store and Google Play Store for Android!

Do you play Campus Life? What level are you?


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