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California Games Hacky Sack Challenge

California Games Hacky Sack Challenge

Do you remember California Games? I played it for the first time in forever as part of the Master System Challenge by 8BitBoyUK. The music sent me through a nostalgic time loop. 🤩

The challenge is to see how many points can you score in Hacky Sack or Foot Bag. I was surprised with how well I did. 😅 My score was 10,600 and I had flashbacks to hitting the seagull with a header?? I think his name is George? (correct me if I’m wrong)

I recorded my 3rd attempt playing as I filmed with my phone and it was running out of space, so I just went for it. It was definitely a challenge and hard to remember the controls. I used a Sega Master System emulator with my PlayStation 4 Dualshock plugged into my iMac.

California Games Emulator

Here’s the California Games Emulator if you fancy having a go. Don’t forget to post your score in the comments.