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Cake Date

After last night’s intense Reggaeton dance party workout I thought it was wise to take a break today. I managed to get quite a few things done around the house, including washing my new clothes that I got yesterday in the Summer sale and cleaning the fridge. Yay adulting. 😂

fresh carrot cake
this carrot cake was delicious!

Later on we went for a coffee and cake date to another little cafe that has been closed since last year. We ordered a slice of freshly made carrot cake to share which was so delicious. I’m sure I’ll work it off over the weekend haha.

On This Day 2016

  • Minimalism Journey
    • Clearing out my spare room and I’m finding so much crap. It’s like an episode of hoarders in here.
    • Goals: to have a beautiful guest bedroom which doesn’t need 2 weeks of work when people are coming to stay.
    • I’m finding all kinds of weird things. I read the Marie Kondo book last year and I’m still working on our house.

On This Day 2013

Empty Nutella jars are perfect for growing avocado seeds.