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Boxing Day | Geek Blog 361

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas! Today we picked up our family, dogs went for a lovely walk and had a Boxing Day Chinese takeaway. Does anybody else get takeaway the day after Christmas Day?

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas
Cooper sunbathing after his chicken
    • I had all intentions of doing some yoga today but I went for an evening walk with my Mum instead.
    • Learning about papel picado on Duolingo. I always wondered what it was called. I also completed the December challenge and earned a badge. 😊

On This Day 2020

  • The first COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Spain!!
  • Boxing Day: finally a use for all those toilet rolls after the rich food
  • Watched:
    • What We Did On Our Holiday πŸ‘πŸΌ brilliant writing!
    • Home Alone 2 – a classic!

On This Day 2019

  • Having snugs with my baby SeΓ±or Rambo πŸ’–
  • First day with my Apple Watch

On This Day 2018

On the second day of Christmas… I descaled and cleaned the iron

On This Day 2017

  • I haven’t played Day of The Tentacle for a year, opened my save game and I have no idea what’s going on hahaha.
  • Just made my first ever ASOS purchase

On This Day 2016

On page 67 of 160 of Off the Leash, by Rupert Fawcett

On This Day 2015

Not looking forward to my Nephroptosis kidney tests on Monday at all.

On This Day 2014

Dad: I haven’t got Twitter, how do I tweet?

On This Day 2011

Turns out I’m pretty good at Assassin’s Creed

On This Day 2009

  • E bought me a domain for Christmas. πŸ˜„
  • Chilling at a little bar drinking Coke with my parents.

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