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The Best Statue Ever

We had a mini statue made in memory of Rambo. I love it. Welcome home puppy. We’re so pleased with it, it captures his essence and little smile so well. I’ll show this off in a separate post with Rambo’s shrine because it’s so detailed.

Silky Terrier Memorial Figurine
Señor Rambo 🖤

In other news, today we took a walk along the promenade and went for a coffee at yet another one of our fave spots that we haven’t been to, maybe since before the apocalypse. It’s nice to just sit and chill while watching the ocean.

Later on we had pizza and watched a few episodes of Family Guy. I was so sleepy, I fell asleep TWICE on the sofa. I chose a comedy film from Netflix called Good on Paper but it wasn’t THAT funny. I have watched all of comedian Iliza Shlesinger‘s standup shows on Netflix and find her hilarious, but I just wasn’t feeling this film about one of her real life experiences.

On This Day 2019

My iPad is at 1% and I just want to spend the afternoon doodling. 😅 I’ve been daydreaming about Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch and came up with this digital drawing. I love this color so much.

Teal Nintendo Switch Digital Art
the cutest teal Nintendo Switch with paw thumb grips

On This Day 2018

I still haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or read the books. Only read up to Goblet of Fire and seen up to Order of The Phoenix. I need to sort this out pronto.

On This Day 2017

The new Nintendo phone app is out. So far it’s only supporting Splatoon coms at the moment which I’m not getting. It will be interesting to see how it works with other games and if that’s where the Animal Crossing game is going to appear and be like a dashboard for mobile games.

Oh God! I just nearly projectile vomited all over the bathroom. (Turns out this was the start of tonsilitis)

On This Day 2014

  • The Diary of a Blogger
    • If you’ve blogged about growing avocados for a year and suddenly want to write about hair products, open a 2nd blog. 😆
    • At the same time, I think the great thing about blogging is we are the editor, no one else. We decide what gets published.

On This Day 2012

Quite disappointed that Kinect Play Fit doesn’t support any of my Kinect games including Zumba Fitness!