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Best Day Ever | I Got Married!

Best Day Ever | Geek Life Lately 42

Are you ready for exciting news about the BEST DAY EVER??? I GOT MARRIED! πŸ’ I’m now Mrs Cuteek hehe. Me and my now husband E decided it was the perfect time for us and we eloped secretly in a very ‘typical of us’ way. πŸ’– It was supposed to ...

Are you ready for exciting news about the BEST DAY EVER???


I’m now Mrs Cuteek hehe. Me and my now husband E decided it was the perfect time for us and we eloped secretly in a very ‘typical of us’ way. πŸ’– It was supposed to be a whole week later, so it turned out to be even more spontaneous than planned.

Some people may think this selfish and hurt that we didn’t invite them, but at the end of the day it was about us two and our feelings, not an expensive and stressful party for other people. We took selfies on the day just for us, so we’ll get some fancy ones taken on our honeymoon. My mum insists on a photo for her wall, she wasn’t too impressed with the Bitmoji of us that I sent. πŸ˜… I probably won’t be sharing any photos on here, because we want to keep our privacy but I was excited to share the news with you! πŸ’–

Best Day Ever | I Got Married!

SOCIAL MEDIA + mental health

I’ve wasted so much time overthinking silly things, social media being one of them, that I want to make sure I’m spending my time wisely. As it happens Twitter finally imploded as I thought would happen when I quit last October. Nobody is seeing tweets, or are limited depending on their blue tick status. A good time to leave and focus on creating stuff IMO.

At the beginning of June, I logged out of Twitter and stuck my Instagram on private unsure what to do. At the beginning of July, Elon Musk has made the decision for us and logged us all out so to speak. There may be some auto-tweets promoting my blog which I schedule and whenever I earn a PlayStation 5 trophy but I’m done with the strategizing and agonizing over it. I will use it and that’s it. Some days I might be Twitter heavy, other’s I’ll be posting from Tweetdeck and blocking out the noise.

Everyone scattered between apps looking for a Twitter alternative from Mastodon to T2Social, Hive Social and BlueSky… and in a surprising turn of events I found myself returning to Instagram…. why? 🀣

I know most timelines are so busy no one will really notice or even be able to see because of refresh rate restrictions or Twitter down times that are still going on, but just incase you wondered where I was…. I am still blogging, gaming and creating content on YouTube too!


Appointments… It was 6 months since my last haircut, so I thought it was time to go and get a good cut. The stylist was very kind with regards to my hair loss and even discouraged me from having any colour or highlights as my hair is weak. This was refreshing as some salons I’ve been to want to get you to spend as much money as possible. So my natural strawberry blonde hair it is. It’s weird because I’ve been getting blonde highlights since I was about 12, I’d forgotten what the real colour was. The last highlights I had put in were August 2019, so it’s all grown through now. I’ll make sure to use some hair treatment masks with regular trims going forward.

Despite losing a healthy amount of weight in line with my height and age, I discovered my cholesterol was high. As soon as I got my results I moved to a cholesterol lowering diet, more fiber, fruits veggies and cut out fried foods and basically everything that tastes yummy haha. The first week was difficult but now I’m getting into the 3rd week and it’s getting easier. Morning walks are now more enjoyable before breakfast and before it gets too hot, I’m actually excited to eat my Weetabix. πŸ˜‚


Streams have become part of my morning routine after breakfast. I know it could be a weird time but it’s Summer so I think it works ok plus my stream replays are popular too. I’ve filmed a couple of unboxing videos, one of them featuring Cooper our Chihuahua, which I will edit and get up on the youtube channel soon. Maybe this sudden break from Twitter will encourage me to blog some more instead of microblogging.


This month I had some cozy game collabs and was very happy to have some review games sent to me.

  • Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion – Outright Games provided me with the new Girls Nite Out DLC and I’ve been streaming it daily
  • Everdream Valley – Untold Tales sent me this cute open world farm life sim and I can see myself playing a lot of it this summer
  • Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island – Numskull Games send me this very cozy game which is similar in ways to Animal Crossing but with princesses, magical islands and the quest for cake.
  • Fortnite – Good old faithful Fortnite is filling in the gaps when I want a break from other games. They had a cool NIKE Airphoria event at the end of June which was a lot of fun, plus I got to ride on a dinosaur in WILDS.


Duolingo on the road to streak day 1,000!


  • Manifest (Netflix) – might have to give this another go, the latest season is just not calling my attention like previous seasons did
  • YellowJackets – I’m only halfway through episode one as it’s intense and deserve full attention. I’m getting Lord of the Flies and LOST vibes from it already.
  • XO Kitty (Netflix) I really wanted to like this but it just wasn’t for me.
  • The Never Ending Story (Movistar) In an effort to bring more nostalgia into my life, I’m going back and watching some retro films from my childhood. The Never Ending Story delivered and if you’ve never seen it go watch…
  • Friday the 13th (Netflix) Another film I haven’t seen since back in the day but all I could find was the 2009 version which was extremely slasher cheesy and could have been shortened down to the last 30 minutes.


  • The Shining by Stephen King – cries, yes I’m still reading this book. But, I’m like 500+ pages in and getting to the end I promise. I’m just a very slow reader and horror books aren’t always great to read before bed.
  • Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang – another book I’m still reading, but I did put this down to concentrate on The Shining. I think I’m like 50% done.

Simple house chores and creating a cozy space really helped my mindset lately. I have been working on a decluttering challenge too so I’m looking forward to sharing the results of that.

Thanks so much for reading,
Vikki ✨ aka Mrs Cuteek hehehe 🀭

p.s this is the update from June that was a bit delayed so I’ll have plenty more to tell you soon in Geek Life Lately 43, stay tuned!

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